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Phil Mickelson defeats Tiger Woods in the “match”

November 24, 2018 Sports 0 Views LAS VEGAS – Nineteen holes failed to determine the match between Tiger Woods and…

LAS VEGAS – Nineteen holes failed to determine the match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on Friday at Shadow Creek.

So they settled in real playstyle: the 20th hole, played from the training the grass behind the clubhouse into a cut-out hole on the 18th green.

And they had to play it three times before Mickelson finally won and held a 4-foot to win the winner All Match, 1-up.

Mickelson, 48, has spoken on Friday’s meeting for months and suggests that it would help him get a little bit of satisfaction if he could win a Hall of Fame career but still be in the shadow of Woods, who has 1

4 majors and 80 PGA Tour titles.

He called the victory “very special.”

“I know great picture, your career is the biggest all the time,” Mickelson, who has 43 career prizes and five majors, said about Woods. “I’ve seen you do things that are just remarkable. But just know I’ll never let you live this downstairs. I’ll pick it up every time I see you.”

Mickelson then referred to a champion’s belt that Friday’s winner received, “said Woods,” I will wear this belt buckle every time I see you. “

“It’s not the masters, it’s not the US Open, I know, but it’s something,” he said. “It’s nice to have a little on you.”

Woods humbly sat down and took the good-looking dump he knew would come if he did not happen.

“I had plenty of opportunities to do putter today, and I did not put any pressure to put some pressure on Phil. I had the opportunity to win the match,” said Woods, referring to the first playoff hole on par-5-18, “and I hit a bad putt and then in extra holes – how do not you turn green with a lob wedge? Twice?

“So there was an opportunity wasted and Phil capitalized on it.” [19659012] Phil Mickelson won $ 600,000 in side-time with Tiger Woods and will donate the money to charity. Woods won a $ 200,000 bet that he will give charity. How did it play:

Hole 1: Mickelson loses his $ 200,000 bet that he should birdie first hole (make pair).

Hole 5: Mickelson wins 1 $ 00,000 on the next challenge on par 3.
COUNT: TIGER UP $ 100K [19659002] Hole 7: Woods bet Mickelson $ 200,000 to play holes in from their second shot, but Mickelson deflects the challenge.

Hole 8: Mickelson wins 200,000 crowns on the nearest cup of par 3.

Hole 9: Mickelson does $ 100,000 challenge for either eagle couple 4-ninth. After two nice tapes, Mickelson makes it 1 million dollars. Both make pairs; no payment.

Hole 11: Challenge of $ 200,000 for an eagle. No payout, because Woods makes birdie, Mickelson couple.

Hole 13: Mickelson wins 300,000 crowns on the nearest thief on par 3.
COUNT: PHIL UP $ 400,000. [19659006] Hole 14: Challenge of $ 100,000 for longest run, but both players lack the fairway, so what’s drawn.

It was a sign that Mickelson was more prepared, spent several days in recent weeks in Shadow Creek, including a good part of this week. Woods was just here for a training session Tuesday and then went to his family in Palm Springs, California, for Thanksgiving and returned since Friday morning.

Both players shot 69 in the holes, with Woods who made six birdies and three bogeys. Mickelson made three birdies.

It seemed that Mickelson would finish the match on par-3 17th when he knocked his attitude to 10 meters and Woods struck him over green. But Woods chipped in for a birdie and Mickelson missed the squad match.

The two paired the 18th and then played again, with Woods who had a clear advantage after Mickelson found a greenside bunker and had to blow up to 30 meters. Towards an 8-soccer to win, Woods left it low and short.

They then went to the provisional playoff hole, where a tee sat on putgreen and measured 93 meters to a new hole cut on the 18th green. Woods missed twice green, and after Mickelson missed a 6-footer that would have won, he told Woods to retrieve his 5-footer. “I do not want to win that,” a gesture that Woods had claimed earlier when he had Mickelson picking up a 3 and a half football on the first extra hole.

No player ever led more than 1 hole. Woods took his only lead when he birdied the 11th to tie and then birdied the 12th to go 1-up. But Mickelson tied him with a birdie putt on the 14th, and then went when Woods bogeyed the 15th. [19659002] Mickelson won three holes in pars control.

Woods won a $ 200,000 side bet on the first hole when Mickelson failed to make birdie. But Mickelson won three side games of a total of $ 600,000 by knocking shots closer to the pin in fifth eighth and 13th holes.

These side games should be paid to the respective players ‘charitable foundations with the players’ own funds.

“We were there to play the head and do something that has never been done before, Sa Woods.” And see here, we get to an extra hole and we are under the light. You could not have made this event better than it was.

“We went back and forth. Phil had the lead I led. It’s angry and we move on to the last hole. It was back and forth very competitive on a golf course that played a bit on the tricky side.”

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