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Pentagon: The number of troops at the border has “quite high” of 5,800

The number of active military personnel in the United States at the southern border is "fairly high" in about 5,800…

The number of active military personnel in the United States at the southern border is “fairly high” in about 5,800 troops, said a top Pentagon official on Thursday.

President Trump Donald John TrumpMeet Lawyer Democrats Call When It’s Recount Time Avenatti denies home violence: “I’ve never killed a woman” Trump name handbag designer as ambassador in South Africa More threatened at one stage to send up to 1

5,000 officials to the border before the arrival of an immigrant caravan by Central American asylum seekers.

Republican legislators also largely supported sending troops to the border, accused Democrats and immigrants rights advocating the president trying to put immigrant fears for the mid-term elections earlier this month.

“We have quite a lot topped about the number of people down there,” Deputy Defense Minister Patrick Shanahan told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday

Shanahan said that a large number of additional troops are unlikely to be required, with the current The assignment was scheduled for the end of December 15. However, he added that the end date “can always be changed”.

Reuters reported earlier Thursday that the commander in charge of the mission will see if they will start sending forces home next week.

Lt. Gene. Jeffrey Buchanan said he would also look at possibly moving some troops to new border positions, a move that shows the mission – quickly ordered by Trump late last month before the 6th of November election – is almost complete.

The troops were sent to Arizona, California and Texas to help strengthen the southern border before the expected arrival of a caravan of several thousand Central American immigrants.

In support of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the expansion was initially expected to reach more than 7,000 troops and lasted until December 15th.

Buchanan, the commander of the US Army North, said he did not believe that an extension of the mission was likely at this time.

“It’s a hard date. And we have no evidence that CBP will need us to do our job anymore,” Buchanan told Reuters on Wednesday at Base Camp Donna in Texas. “If we Get an extension we get an extension. But I have no indications of it so far. “

Buchanan also said he believed that the troops had reached the peak. He estimated that about 1,500 troops were deployed in California, 1,500 in Arizona and 2,800 in Texas.

” We can increase by hundreds here or there, but probably not. “

He added that he could move the forces east or west at the border if needed.

During the weeks leading up to the election earlier this month, Trump publicly spoke about migrating caravan dramatically and called it an “invasion.” But since the polls closed last week, Trump

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He also said that the mission was reviewed by lawyers from the Justice Department and was “completely legal”.

Buchanan has said that his mission guidelines would support CBP staff and that he would not “target any unnatural”.

Pentagon officials have said that the troops will not interact directly with migrants. Approach the United States. Instead, the soldiers help Border Patrol staff to tighten up their councils and establish temporary housing for US staff.

Mattis on Wednesday said that within 10 days, the military personnel at the border had completed all the tasks that CBP initiated. Additional information may, however, be added.

Buchanan-indicated soldiers would go home after they had met the CBP requests.

“I’ll ever hold troops here just to hold them here. When the job is done, we’ll start shutting down some ability,” Buchanan said.

“I’ll see as early as next week to start thinking by correcting if we need to change, or do I need to move (troops elsewhere on the border), “said Buchanan.

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