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PayPal sees encouraging growth from Venmo; shares increase after hours

PayPal Holdings Inc. says that its efforts to earn money from Venmo approach a "tip point", news that helped to…

PayPal Holdings Inc. says that its efforts to earn money from Venmo approach a “tip point”, news that helped to send shares in the payment company up 7% in after-sales on Thursday.

Managing Director Dan Schulman said at the company’s conference on income that 24% of Venmo users have engaged in a monetary transaction since the start, from 17% in the June quarter.

“We saw great progress in a large number of Venmo wins,” told investors.


PYPL, -3.26%

has seen staggering numbers with some of their individual initiatives. Pay with Venmo, the company’s attempt to make users choose Venmo for online purchases, saw a 1

95% volume increase month by month. The volume of the Venmo debit card increased 320% month by month. And the company processed more than $ 1 billion in Venmo Direct Transfer Volume in September alone, from users who paid a fee to immediately send money from their Venmo balances to their bank accounts.

The payment with Venmo and debit cards is quite new, so PayPal is likely to increase revenues from a small base. Nevertheless, the early impetus is encouraging, as Venmo is considered to be one of the major growth catalysts for PayPal shares. Venmo has a loyal user base, but some analysts were worried that revenue revenues continued in a slower than expected manner.

“We expect that we will see improvements in our Venmo economy next year and thereafter every year,” Chief Financial Officer John Rainey said.

PayPal’s updates about Venmo came in conjunction with a strong quarterly report where the company recorded earnings and revenue expectations, but fell a little behind volume estimates. The company issued a forecast from the beginning of 2019 which came up with FactSet’s top-end estimate and slightly below income estimates.

During Paypal’s earnings, the managers called a little more light on eBay Inc.’s

EBAY, -1.47%

the transition to managing their own payments, which began seriously a few weeks ago. PayPal quoted “Softness” from eBay, but Schulman stated that the $ 20 million volume that eBay began to handle in September has had no impact on PayPals.

The third quarter was PayPals best than new new active accounts, which Schulman partly attributed to new products and partnerships. PayPal announced an expansion of its American Express Co.

AXP, -1.44%

Partnership earlier Thursday and launched a new arrangement with Walmart Inc.

WMT, -0.40%

last week.

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