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PayPal on the way to becoming a bank, allows you to enter money through photos

If there is something we love about mobile technology, it is precisely thanks to it that we are able to…

If there is something we love about mobile technology, it is precisely thanks to it that we are able to carry out many tasks that, without them, would be more complicated. And if not, just think about what you usually use the phone every day, and how would you do it all if it broke?

One of those things is mobile payments, and no, we do not refer to the shops precisely, but to online stores. And, many of the purchases we make in Gearbest, Aliexpress, Amazon and other stores like that, we carry out through our mobile phone.

And this is where PayPal comes in, which allows us to pay by depositing money on the platform – or by taking it directly from our account – and also gives us some guarantees that are difficult to find elsewhere. Well, it’s getting closer and closer to becoming a bank, and in some places you can already deposit checks in your accounts through photos, let’s see it!

Paypal is updated with fruitful news

PayPal begins to expand its services

As is evident, PayPal is a platform that we like quite a lot for the amount of guarantees that it gives users when making an online payment, starting with the disputes with the sellers that may arise due to problems with the shipment, for example.

Well, as we read in Engadget, the popular platform owned by Elon Musk is carrying out a series of changes in its services in certain areas of the United States such as Delaware or Georgia, where it is beginning to offer debit cards in association with small banks.


In addition, users will also have the possibility to upload photos of their payment checks to enter them in their respective accounts. And you can even ask for personal loans to the company.

PayPal seems to want to break through banks, and the first step has been to partner to offer services that, until now, did not offer. Although, according to Bill Ready, PayPal’s director of operations, is targeting young people who do not yet have an account with any bank. What do you think of this new PayPal strategy?

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