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Paul Johnson to retire

It seems that the Paul Johnson era at Georgia Tech is over. The main football tree retires, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution…

It seems that the Paul Johnson era at Georgia Tech is over.

The main football tree retires, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned. Gregg Garrett, a major donor of the Tech Athletic Department and a close friend of Johnson, confirmed the decision.

The news was reported on Wednesday by Macon Radio Personality Bill Shanks.

The team would be heard at a meeting at 2:30 with a notice from the school that follows.

Johnson made the decision himself, said Garrett, and athletic director Todd Stansbury wanted him to continue. Garrett said he thought Johnson, 61, had reached a point where he would not give the unremitting commitment to the job required by a head coach at an FBS school.

“It was not a special game or a special thing that did not go well outside the field,” said Garrett. “I think he had come to the conclusion that it was time to go to the next phase.”

Johnson’s decision to retire comes as a surprise at the end of his 1

1th season at Tech and his 40th coaching. The Yellow Jackets finished the regular season of 7-5, winning four of his last five matches.

Johnson- The epoch at Tech ends with an 83-59 record, the longest service and most wins for a head coach at the school since coach Bobby Dodds retirement.

Under Johnson, the jackets rarely drop since Dodd’s retirement at the end of the 1966 season.

Tech won the 2009 ACC Championship – only third in school history – and ended eighth in 2014 in a team that won 11 matches while signing Virginia Tech, Miami, Clemson, Georgia and the Mississippi State. In 2008, Jackson’s first season in Tech finished , a seven-matched loss strike to archrival Georgia, then led the Jackets to win in Athens 2014 and 2016.

The team’s two Orange Bowl appearances, at the end of 2009 and 2009, were Jack’s only major shootover scene since Dodd.

He did it with a scattering failure that was dropped by many but bedeviled opponents and stacked up points and turns.


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