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Paul George, LeBron Pratade Connecting to the Lakers before 2017

October 18, 2018 Sports 2 Views Getty Images LeBron James and Paul George had conversations about LA before they both…

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LeBron James and Paul George had conversations about LA before they both found a new team.

Last summer we have only heard of potential signings and rumors about selected NBA superstars. The biggest name is obviously LeBron James, and one of the other great stars is Paul George. Prior to 2017, George with Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony went out into Oklahoma City with Thunder via trade. By that time, LeBron James started the final year on his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Little did everyone know that Paul George originally planned to join the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2018 offseason. But his trade from Indiana Pacers prevented it from happening. George is more than happy where he is right now. That’s why he did not even give the Lakers the opportunity to try to sign him under the offseason.

Before George found a new love for Thunder’s organization, however, he had every intention of joining the Lakers. And it also turned out to be LeBron James. Recently, George made an interview with ESPN’s “The Undefeated.” That’s when he revealed that LeBron and himself had a short conversation about being able to tie forces out west with the Lakers.

PG and LeBron Were Plotting?

“But it was not exaggerated. I wanted to play in LA It was where I wanted to go. Had that trade never gone down, I’d played one year in Indy, I would have been in a Lakers uniform.

George also told The Undefeated that he was talking to James about his possible future plans before the thunder trade when James was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they never had a similar conversation afterwards.

Although conversations were short and short lived, George reveals quite a bit that LeBron had All of us intend to permanently move west. Many of us suspected it a while, but it is still quite shocking to hear. Of course, we know George does not finally join LeBron in Los Angeles, but it may be a new superstar or two who go with him during the next offseason.

Los Angeles is now the new new landing point for free agents, but veteran prospects may be hesitant to go out and play with LeBron. Cavalier forward, Kevin Love has recently taken up ESPN, where it turned out that it’s not easy to be the man of a team to be in LeBron’s shadow next. So unless players are open to taking a backseat to what is the King James show in LA, we can see that many players take away the Lakers next year. It will certainly be an exciting summer.

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