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Patriots Mailbag: How Did Rookie Cornerback JC Jackson Go Undrafted? | New England Patriots

For four days, New England Patriots players and coaches have been asked countless times why they battle the dolphins in…

For four days, New England Patriots players and coaches have been asked countless times why they battle the dolphins in Miami.

Nobody has a clear answer. But security Devin McCourty summed it up best.

“We’ve just sucked,” McCourty said.

The patriots have lost four of their last five games in Miami. They will try to make it four of their last six Sundays when they travel down to Miami to take on the dolphins.

Let’s get in this week’s mailbag.

JC Jackson. If he is as good as his teammates say why was he undrafted? Maryland is not a small school. Is he the real deal (it’s a steal)?

1; @ uriram82
The reasons why JC Jackson went undrafted was not football-related. He was arrested and finally found guilty of armed robbery in 2015.

Therefore he was dismissed from the University of Florida, played a season at Riverside Community College and finally transferred to the University of Maryland.

Without the legal issues, Jackson would probably have been prepared. If his career had been undamaged in Florida, it would not be possible for him to have been drawn as high as his former Gators team mate Duke Dawson, who was a 2018 second team of patriots.

Jackson allowed 35 catches on 61 goals for 414 meters with four touchdowns and three interceptions last season with Terrapins, according to Pro Football Focus.

He ran a 4.46 second 40-yard dash with a 6.92-second 3-drill drill, so he’s definitely athletic. He was considered anywhere from a fourth to sixth round pickup by NFL Draft Scout and before they finally went undrafted.

So is he the real deal? His teammates really believe that. Jason McCourty, Stephon Gilmore and Duron Harmon love him. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has had only good things to say about him. He actually began to oppose Gilmore during spring practice.

I’m personally high on him. As long as he can keep out of trouble, I think he could come in next season as a starting point for the patriots.

So do you think playing radar defense would be a thing from now on? I remember seeing a lot of this last game, and it worked.
– @celo_aragao
Celo refers to the defensive look when the patriots only had a down line man and then swung a group of linebackers and defensive backs around the line of scrimmage to hide the cover of Minnesota Vikings.

The patriots showed that it often looks Sunday. They will probably do it again before the end of the season, but I only expect them to use it sporadically.

Should a Super Bowl birth this season be among the most impressive in the patriots dynasty given their roster fluctuations and an extremely competitive AFC?
– @WYTSports
Making Super Bowl was probably more impressive 2011. The patrons secondary were so bad that Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater played the defense that season. Only nine Patriots defensive backs have played 20 or more snaps this season – Devin McCourty, Jason McCourty, Gilmore, Harmon, Patrick Chung, Jonathan Jones, Jackson, Eric Rowe and Obi Melifonwu.

Fifteen defensive backs played 20 or more snaps in 2011 – Kyle Arrington, Devin McCourty, James Ihedigbo, Chung, Sergio Brown, Antwaun Molden, Sterling Moore, Nathan Jones, Leigh Bodden, Josh Barrett, Phillip Adams, Slater, Ras- I Dowling, Edelman and Ross Ventrone.

Annunned I found myself a rabbit hole to see Slater play security in 2011. He was not bad!

#MailWork why does Pats not use Donte Hightower as an edge rusher? There is a need and he is obviously slow in coverage.
– @joey_zakrzewski
I do not actually think that Hightower has been bad in coverage this season. He looks one step slower, but Hightower has never really covered the downfield. He is still good to get back from the apartment and stop him for short yardage. Hightower uses a blitzer rather than a full-time-side rusher. Hightower’s quick snaps have grown up in recent weeks, and his game has definitely improved as the season has evolved.

Weighing the patriots’ history of reluctance to pay the market value of edge defenders against the fact that Trey Flowers is exactly what Belichick wants in a defender, do you think that Pats makes him a truly competitive offer to keep Han in town for next season? #MailDoug
– @CramarSports
I think they are coming. It does not guarantee they will lock him, because another team can finally pay too much. But the patriots have the cavity necessary to sign flowers, and they do not have any on their current list, which can adequately enter its valuable role. They know that Flowers will create a lot of interest in the open market, and I expect them to offer him a competitive offer.

@DougKyed do you think Obis snaps will increase in the next few weeks? #maildoug
– @yirt
I would not be surprised if the patriots began to count on Obi Melifonwu more and more to cover tight ends. The patriots have struggled to cover tight ends and sometimes back this season. If Melifonwu begins to cover tight ends more, Patrick Chung can focus more on his attention on the spine.

The patriots seem like Melifonwu. He has already played more than I expected him for this season.

Let’s go fast fire.

the patriots will actually throw the gordon ball in the first quarter of Sunday
– @ michaelis4real
It depends on the dolphins coverage, but I would say yes.

Should the patriots draw up a TE in the draft?
– @ Neauxmad98
Yes. Absolutely.

What do you want for Christmas? #maildoug
– @PatsFanPJ
Maybe a hot pair of socks or something.

Who is the Patriot’s “Nate Eovaldi”? The guy who does something that actually has his teammates in honor.
– @ plarkin88
Honestly, teammates see Jackson’s ability to cover deeply.

What happened to TB times? This year’s biggest journalistic endeavor. #MailDoug
– @BradRWallace
It’s a question for my friend Charlotte Wilder.

Who is most likely to leave before next season, Gronk, Brady, Josh or Bill
– @LegionOfDudes_
Tough one. It would be either Josh McDaniels or Rob Gronkowski. I go out on a limb and says Gronkowski.

Who is your favorite player to talk to in the locker room past or current player
– @Austin_Whittel
There are many good guys talking in the locker room. Duron Harmon, Julian Edelman, Ted Karras and Elandon Roberts will first come to mind. Among the former patriots, I always thought I was talking to Logan Ryan.

Will we ever get a game that is “The Gordon Show” and if so – what game do you anticipate what will be? #maildoug
– @ jessgabe8
It may be this week if Xavien Howard does not play. The Dolphins may have to use the rookie cornerback Minkah Fitzpatrick on Gordon.

Larger draft requirement: TE or QB?
– @pereira_report
Big question. Tight end can be more immediate, but quarterback is still likely to be bigger.

When they hid behind the wall and shot on the forward-looking soldiers, did they “load” their muskets or was it already a new reserve?
– @JCDWorld
I think they had to reload. I do not think there were enough spare parts for each soldier.

My daughter was born a month ago. When I start to sleep again? Her name is Olivia, best name ever #MailDoug
– @ gcabreu87
My daughter sleeps over 10 hours a night, and I still do not sleep enough. However, that can be a problem for me.

This has puzzled me for a while, but do you think there is a reason why Hollister has left in the active roster even though he was injured for some games? Do they think about grooming him to be a reliable TE if Gronk is out? Dude goes well in the btw field. Just wondering
– @ Zeekee21
It’s nothing more complicated than the team likes him. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick mentioned him in the same sentence with Jackson and Malcolm Butler among untreated free agents last week.

Adam Vinatieri gets his # retired?
– @LFNJSinner
I doubt it. But he is a shoo-in for Patriots Hall of Fame.

Is Phil Dorsett set up to have a Pats career like Amendola, where he will appear as a connecting goal later after some obscurity? Or have not made long-term plans for him?
– @Jamptroll
Dorsett is in his final year in the contract, so he has to rewrite first for it to happen.

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