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Patriot Coach Bill Belichick kicked off the 2018 World Series by telling about this video

If you thought you heard Bill Belichick's voice before game 1 in the World Series on Tuesday, do not worry,…

If you thought you heard Bill Belichick’s voice before game 1 in the World Series on Tuesday, do not worry, you’re not crazy.

Before the first race between Red Sox and Dodgers, the patriots coach kicked off things by telling a hype video. Sure, Belichick and “hype” are not usually two words that you would ever use in the same sentence, but it seems to work here.

Although Belichick is usually 1

00 percent zoned on football during the season, the patriot’s coach decided to make an exception and take the narrative job when Fox contacted him with the offer.

“It was amazing. I was honored to ask me to do it. It was fun to be part of it,” said Belichick Tuesday, via quotes distributed by the team. “I really do not have much baseball background, but the World Series is one of the major sports events in the country and has a big tradition for it, especially with these two franchises.”

Belichick may not see much baseball, but he said he hopes to capture some of the world series since Red Sox plays.

“I am very humble for being asked to participate in it,” said Belichick. “I look forward to seeing a bit of it.”

Red Sox must have been inspired by Belichick’s pre-game hype speech because they broke out and beat Dodger’s 8-4 in Game 1 thanks largely to a three-jump homer in the seventh turn of pinch-hitter Eduardo Nunez . Red Sox seems to take a 2-0 lead on Wednesday and if you want to follow that game, make sure to click here and continue to our live blog .

As for Belichick’s hype video, you can see the entire case below.

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