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Patrick Mahomes addresses Kareem Hunt after Chiefs win

Patrick Mahomes picked up the former comrade fight Kareem Hunt on Sunday after Chief's first match without the star dropping…

Patrick Mahomes picked up the former comrade fight Kareem Hunt on Sunday after Chief’s first match without the star dropping back, released Friday after a video that appeared on the 23-year-old who attacked a Cleveland woman.

I saw the things that happened. We do not do those things, says Kansas City’s quarterback, according to ESPN, after the team’s 40-33 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

Hunt broke his silence on Sunday, describing the February event of ESPN’s Lisa Salters.

] “It was only a long night,” he said. “Being exact, it does not matter what happened. I was wrong. I could have taken responsibility and made the right decision to find a way to escalate the situation.”

Both the Hunting and Mahomes were drafted by the Chiefs of 201

7. Their working relationship ended suddenly two days before Kansas City fought Oakland.

“It was a bit of shock, with things happening. It came quite quickly here. But life is moving fast, and no one’s waiting,” said recipient Chris Conley. “I have reached him, hope he get the help he needs and that he can grow like a man, and really focus on Kareem as a person, not a football player right now. “

With NFL currently investigating an alleged other incident involving Hunt, coach Andy Reid said

“Such things are never simple,” he noted. “I do not want anything to distract from the difficulty of playing [and] the leadership of my locker room overcome the situation we had there, which can be a distraction and [they] rose today in one place that we have not always come out with this kind of results. “

The managers replaced Hunting with veteran Spencer Ware, drafted by Seahawks in the sixth round of 2013.

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