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Pat Shurmur can not imagine the giant trade Eli Manning before Tuesday's trading

Big news for giant fans who do not want the team to get rid of 37-year-old Eli Manning, who is…

Big news for giant fans who do not want the team to get rid of 37-year-old Eli Manning, who is currently one of the worst strides in his 15-year career. On Tuesday, first-year coach Pat Shurmur was asked if he expected Manning to be on schedule after next trading day.

“Yes, I do. I think Eli will be our quarterback,” said Shurmur to reporters during a conference call after Monday’s 23-20 loss for Falcons who made the team 1

-6. “He has been, and he will continue to be here.”

Worth noting: Manning has a non-trade clause like ” he almost certainly does not cancel “, according to SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano.

“I have not thought of the trade scenario and hello, this organization is the only team I played for and only I know,” said Manning to WFAN on Tuesday through’s Art Stapleton. “I love the giants. It’s hard to imagine being with another organization.”

This doubt causes major fraud against a majority of the fan base, many of whom wanted the team to take a quarterback with the 2nd overall election in April in the draft. Instead, the giants chose to run back Saquon Barkley, who has been about the only bright spot on an otherwise uneven team. But Barkley can not put the organization on the back and want them to win that, says a franchise quarterback maybe.

Meanwhile, Manning has been so bad this season that it has been repeated after he has been bowed to rookie, fourth round picker Kyle Lauletta. Perhaps that happens – Ben McAdoo Benched Manning for Geno Smith late last season – but it seems unlikely, at least in the short term.

We wrote last week what a post-Manning Giants team could look like. There is obviously the draft – and we’ve had the giants focused on Oregon Justin Herbert for some time now in our mock dragons – but what happens if Herbert decides to return to school?

The giants were to look for a short-term solution through a free agency – provided they were to move on from Manning.

Teddy Bridgewater, Tyrod Taylor and Josh McCown headline headquarters, whose contract expires after the 2018 season. Neither Taylor nor McCown would be a profitable alternative, but Bridgewater, who had a strong preseason with the jets before being traded to the Saints, would be interesting. Questions about his sustainability would be the main reason for not signing him, although other names could find themselves in the free agency list when the season ends.

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