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Parker Solar Probe begins its first dusk past the sun

NASA's Parker Solar Probe has had a big week: Monday 29th of October, it broke the two world records and…

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has had a big week: Monday 29th of October, it broke the two world records and on Wednesday, October 31st, the first close pass over the sun began.

This maneuver is the first of 24 planned science meetings with the sun, which will be until 2025. This time, the spacecraft will reach its closest point to the sun on November 5 at 10:28. EST (0328 GMT, November 6), according to NASA.

At that time in its journey, spacecraft will be only 15 million miles (24 million miles) from the sun’s surface and will travel 213,200 mph

An orbit diagram of Parker Solar Probe’s progress so far and the planned ship’s spacecraft.


During the change of air, Parker Solar Probe will not be able to communicate with the ground because the sun produces so many amounts of radio waves that they will drown out the spaceship signals. But the probe is designed to take care of itself, autonomous troubleshooting and twist to keep safe from the sun’s overwhelming heat.

And all the time, the spacecraft’s instruments will work to break the mysteries of the sun that drive our every moment here on earth. Four different sets of instruments will study the structure of the star’s outer atmosphere, which scientists call corona. We can even get our first image from the corona, thanks to a camera aboard the spacecraft that has already snapped an incredible picture of the earth during its journey.

There is only one catch: Due to the adaptation of the probe, researchers will not get data from this week’s observations in a few weeks.

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