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While scattered gossipes broke out Saturday around central Paris, the action seemed less violent everywhere at dinner than at the same time a week ago when the crowd raged the Arc de Triomphe, one of the city’s most precious monuments and fell in the surrounding highlands. stop the neighborhood.

After two weekend in Paris, which made the authorities so powerless that they could secure their capital, the police went over last Saturday to cope with the unrest.

Police cut people or searched bags every hundred yards or so throughout central Paris and seized gas masks and goggles from Associated Press journalists.

Protesters who came to Paris from Normandy described seeing officers blocking yellow passengers from boarding at stops along their way. The National Reindeer Service posted a video on Twitter about a police who made a protest and seized his dangerous material, which seems to be primarily a tennis racket.

Macron’s government warned that the Yellow West protesters had created a “monster” and that the parish wreckings would be cut off by radicalized and rebellious crowds and become the most dangerous, but after three weeks of demonstrations.

Demonstrators waving French flags and wearing the signature of the movement neon vests gathered before dawn Saturday near the Arc of Triumph, then attempted to march the Champs-Elysees against the presidential palace. Blocked by police, they tried other ways. Protesters threw stains and other projectiles, and repeated repeatedly by tear gas.

Groups in yellow vests also gathered near the iconic Bastille Square and some other places around Paris. The city’s subway system was closed in the center of the city.

At dinner, more than 500 prisoners had been arrested in Paris, according to a police spokesman from Paris. No damage has been reported.

Authorities deployed barricade-breaking armored vehicles and 8000 police officers in the capital alone; Nationwide, 89,000 security forces waved out to deter or confront the troublemakers expected in several protests.

Many members of the protest movement call for peace and some made a reconciliation configuration after meeting the prime minister on Friday night.

But it did not stop many from trying to march at the Presidential Palace on Saturday.

“We are here to tell (Macron) our dissatisfaction. I’m not here to break things because I have four children, so I’ll try to be safe for them because they’re afraid,” said protester Myriam Diaz to Associated Press. “But I still want to be here to say” Stop, it’s enough, it has to end. “”

The movement has no clear leaders, and previous protests have attracted extremists who thrown projectiles in police.

Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner was calmly invited. “I ask the yellow West who want a peaceful message not to go with the violent people. We know that the violent people are only strong because they hide in the yellow west, which impedes security forces, he said on Saturday.

Macron himself, the goal of the protesters has been largely invisible in recent days, leaving its prime minister and government to try and negotiate with protesters.

Four people have been killed in accidents since the trouble began November 17th. Christmas markets, national football matches and countless other events have been canceled or damaged by the protests.

Parts of Paris looked like they were bracing for a hurricane, with boards on windows that covered the Christmas decorations. The police removed material from the streets that could be used as weapons, especially at high-risk construction sites.

Protesters also blocked roads, roundabouts and tolls elsewhere in France. Offshoot moves have arisen elsewhere, and yellow-west protests were held Saturday in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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