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Painkillers: Is Too Much of “a Good Thing” Really Good for You?

Modern medicine is based on medications and painkillers essentially and no one can deny the great advancements healthcare has witnessed in the past couple of years, yet just like any other substance whether naturally or chemically produced, large amounts or misuse can lead to serious, even reversed, effects.

For example, some drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen when used for arthritis could increase the risk of high blood pressure, ulcers and even heart attacks.

The list goes on with Sleeping pills, which may be great to treat short term insomnia, yet they tend to cause dependency in some cases which leads to symptoms like focus inability, slurred speech and even confusion, in addition to being prone to stumbling and falling.

Xanax in next on our list, for those of you who don’t know Xanax, it is usually used for patients dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, and due to the long course of treatment, and the severity of the disorder itself, patients could develop some serious symptoms if they over-use or become dependent on Xanax, like Drowsiness, sleeping for extended periods of time, concentration difficulties, nausea, headaches and even problems with both their short term and long-term memory.

We end this article with Antibiotics, which are used to treat or prevent bacterial infections for they either kill the bacteria or inhibit its growth, yet when used irresponsibly or excessively, the body becomes prone to bacteria developing resistance and learning how to avoid antibiotics.

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