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Overwatchs Ashe now lives on PTR; See the first rails here

November 8, 2018 Technology 2 Views Blizzard has wasted putting Overwatch's newest character into the public test area, where PC…

Blizzard has wasted putting Overwatch’s newest character into the public test area, where PC players can try new updates before they’re ready to roll out on all platforms. The new character Ashe just debuted on BlizzCon on Friday, and she is already available to try. You can see her in action in the video above.

As detailed in a BlizzCon panel, Ashes’s main weapon is a spell-action rifle with a fast slider or slower downward position. Her secondary is a saw shotgun, and she can also have lob dynamite with a delayed fuse timer. Finally, her ultimate ability in BOB, her robot bodyguard / butler calls herself to hurt herself or give you a wave.

Ashe was revealed in an animated card called “Reunion” as suggested in her story with McCree. As a former member of the deadlock, he abandoned his crew to go with the good guys and apparently showed some enemies in the process. You can check out Ashe gameplay video to see more of her in action. Of course, the update also adds a wide range of skins to change Ashes look. You can see all of them below.

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To access PTR on your computer, open and select “PTR: Overwatch” as Region. Ashe is just one of many heroes coming down the pipe, as Blizzard said that six new heroes have been planned. It also debuted a new set of Overwatch Lego for those who prefer to take care of their little heroes.

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