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“Outlander”, Season 4, Episode 4: Bear Killer

And "Outlander" is clearly ready to collide with race and colonialism after a while and settle in its settler's life.…

And “Outlander” is clearly ready to collide with race and colonialism after a while and settle in its settler’s life. We get lots of Frasers in woodsy secret bliss. Claire, Jamie and Ian Gut Trout, chop trees, repair networks and plan for settlement. (Jamie’s surprise birth gift for Claire: a clinic.) Claire and Ian have especially seen themselves in a comfortable rhythm. He has become a practical surgical assistant, and Claire is clearly fond of his cheerfulness.

The only missing from family portrait is Brianna.

With farewell to a pregnant Marsali in Wilmington, Claire sends a debt spiral about Brianna, much more divorced from her mother than Marsali, from her. Finally, Claire Jamie acknowledges as a horrible secret: “Sometimes I worry that it was wrong to leave her.” Leave Brianna back for Jamie remains one of the most burdened decisions Claire has ever done, and it’s no surprise she thinks of it now when she starts over again.

In 1970, the first step in Roger’s redemption is the best excuse gift one can provide: Documentation that your mother definitely found her first husband after she left 200 years back through time. His phone call to Brianna to give her the news is very well done, full of uncomfortable little talk and the strange intimacy to share a secret, even if they are not on good terms.

The second step in Roger’s redemption is more charged: He must decide to tell Brianna that Jamie and Claire’s happiness was short-lived because they died in a fire on Fraser Ridge sometime in the 1770s. As it turns out, however, there is no need to worry about it: Roger’s other phone call to Brianna ends with his own revelation.

Brianna has visited her mother.

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• In terms of knitting, Claire’s shawl really sells its service like a garment here. It echoes her earliest, most practical Scottish clothes – a deliberate visual tie between her old world and her new.

• I laughed loudly when Claire and Jamie looked out on a green screen that talked about paintings. Sometimes it’s fun breaking the fourth wall!

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