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Our NFL predicts believe that this election will end Thursday night casualties

November 15, 2018 Sports 1 Views Welcome back to Skid Row, where mr. Thursday's Naights ski reached 10 in a…

Welcome back to Skid Row, where mr. Thursday’s Naights ski reached 10 in a row with last week’s losers picking the pledges (+4) on Steelers.

The pick looked good for a couple of minutes, when the Panthers marched right down the field and made an early 7-0 lead. But thanks to my superhuman resilience, it mutated in the fall of the week to hell. Ben Roethlisberger had a monster game (five touchdowns), and the pants gave up 52 points to match a franchise record for fortune.

This week’s sentenced picking is Seattle (-2¹ / 2) over Packers. Seahawks play well despite a two-match loss line – against teams that have a combined record of 16-1. They have a powerful running game that can keep Aaron Rodgers and Packer’s crimes against the field. And they probably have the most frightening home field’s advantage in football.

On the way, from a short week, in a building that has only delivered nothing but the heart of Packers, Seahawks is picking. [1

9659002] If you look at my record and follow my advice anyway, good luck with it.

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