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Original Avengers travels to Quantum Realm in New Fan Art

Avengers 4 fan art reunites the original Avengers in Quantum Realm. It has been quite a while since fans saw…

Avengers 4 fan art reunites the original Avengers in Quantum Realm. It has been quite a while since fans saw the six founding heroes of the MCU on the big screen. After defeating Ultron in 2015 [Interruptor:AgeofUltronthe team went on separate ways with the Iron Man and Captain America bumper in Captain America: Civil War while Thor and Hulk continued their intergalactic space adventure in Thor: Ragnarok . When Avengers: Infinity War rolled around, director Joe and Anthony Russo shot the team for most of the film with Tony Stark, who was still isolated on Titan while Clint Barton’s site was still unknown at the end of it. But with the culmination of everything that has appeared in the franchise, the scene is approaching the much-awaited reassignment of the beloved characters.

Details about the film are still weak, with Marvel Studios constantly remaining in line with phase 3 capper despite several suspected leaks in recent months. But based on what is currently known about the film’s story, both Quantum Realm and the concept of time travel will be a factor in Thano’s supposed defeat. In addition, Avengers 4 are expected to have a high nostalgic poison that the fate of the Earth (and the Universe) once again rests on the shoulders of the central MCU heroes.

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Coming from @ THEWILL06 for NotCine Marvel is a fan art reunion of the six original Avengers for a trip to Quantum Realm. With the help of the leaked images of the reported promo images for Avengers 4 reveal the team’s new features, the artist Quantum Realm used visual fans in Ant-Man & Wasp for the background of the illustration. However, he changed his color scheme from warm reds and oranges to cool-toned blues and violet to suit the aesthetics established in Infinity War . Check out the image below:

Aside from the original Avengers, the supposed leaked promo art also featured other remaining MCU heroes like Ant-Man, Rocket and Nebula. War Machine also survived Thanos snap but was noticeably absent from the line. While Marvel Studios is the mother of the leak (or the movie in general), the white armor controls a previous toy blanket that reveals only Rocket, Thor and Cap wearing the red and white costumes. The mysterious bracelet like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Scott Lang are wearing several Avengers 4 set photos are also displayed in these latest characters. Fans have so far been divided on the brand new costumes, but it is best to reserve them when the official pictures with the heroes carrying these costumes are out.

Avengers 4 are expected to spend most of their time with the original six superheroes – especially as a couple of them are expected to originate from MCU. With significantly fewer signs of bright light compared to Infinity War Avengers 4 Depending on the story that the Russians and authors Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely joined, the characters characterize either the ball or simply retire from their world-savvy gig. No matter, it’s certain that the film will mark the end of an era for the successful franchise with newer heroes who take the lead forward towards the still mysterious phase 4.

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