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“Open a liquor store”: Conor McGregor blasted by Khabib Nurmagomedov's chief

Des Bieler Sports reporters covering national topics and supporting coverage of DC area law [19659003] October 24 at 12:13 It…

Des Bieler

Sports reporters covering national topics and supporting coverage of DC area law [19659003] October 24 at 12:13

It is only possible that Ali Abdelaziz has not yet been called to be called terrorist by Conor McGregor. Or maybe Khabib Nurmagomedov’s boss would simply set the record, without any uncertain conditions.

In any event, Abdelaziz published a screaming republication on Tuesday for a long analysis that McGregor offered his loss earlier this month to Nurmagomedov for the UFC’s light crown when losing out in the fourth round. Speaking McGregor, “Open a liquor store,” Abdelaziz called him a “weak soul” dominated during the game, gave up too easily and should “focus on selling alcohol”.

During the start of the game, McGregor had often promoted his new line of Irish whiskey, and he used it as an attempt for one of his many moves by Nurmagomedov, a faithful Sunni Muslim. After winning and giggling a melee at the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena by jumping out of the octagon to meet one of his opponents swingers, the unanswered Russian bitterly complained that more attention had not been paid to McGregor “insulting my homeland, religion, nation, family. “

On Tuesday, Abdelaziz made clear that he did not want to hear anything from McGregor, shortly to tell the Irish to” shut [expletive] up and continue. ” Abdelaziz was responding to an Instagram post where McGregor went through the match and argued that while he was “beat fair and square” he also made several mistakes that gave the profit to Nurmagomedov.

McGregor said that Nurmagomedov won the first round “from an athletic point of view” by winning and holding “top position” but he added: “From a point of view, my first round is.” Of a blow that shot McGregor in the second round, he said his opposition naked was “blessed with a right hand as a change of passage”, a shot that “never gets close” if he had shown more “respect” for Nurmagomedov’s striking skills from a standing position.

McGregor said it “dropped him” and was “willing to engage” in the third round, he won this frame, but his “recovery was not where it could have been” in the fourth. “I made a critical mistake to abandon my upper arm at this crucial time, reveal my back,” he wrote, “and I still get the beat fair and square.”

Abdelaziz did not really remember the match in the same way. Saying that McGregor “and his sad” team “are already making some stupid apologies,” the Egyptian born boss, whose company has dozens of MMA warriors as customers, said Nurmagomedov made his enemy like “the little child” who got “crushed in front of [his] the whole family and the crew “during the first two rounds.

Thirdly, Abdelaziz said that Nurmagomedov” stood the whole round with you to make a point “and he made reference to McGregor’s reported” It’s Only Company “comment below the boss. The boss freaked McGregor away from trying to ward off Nurmagomedov’s neck tissue, which was not even a shock in the fourth, saying that the only time McGregor used his hands was losing.

But McGregor said in his post that, if an immediate rematch was not present on the cards, he would be pleased to “meet next in a row,” Abdelaziz said flatly: “Fight with someone else because your a- will not get a rematch.”

Natural wise before every fighter takes on anyone, any temporary suspension of the Nevada Athletic Commission must not be extended indefinitely when the organizers meet on Wednesday. They have kept Nurmagomedov’s $ 2 million handbag while investigating post-war crimes, and even though McGregor paid his $ 3 million purse, he could face a huge fine.

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