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Only NBA Commissioner Adam Silver can save Phoenix Suns

(AP Photo / Carlos Osorio) Note! Adam Silver: You are the best commissioner in sports. You are sympathetic and sensible.…

(AP Photo / Carlos Osorio)

Note! Adam Silver:

You are the best commissioner in sports. You are sympathetic and sensible. And now, Phoenix needs your help.

We need an NBA intervention.

The sun is a disaster caught inside a dumpster fire. They came in Friday’s game with a doubtful difference, outscored 70-1

8 in the first quarter of their previous two losses. They are the first team to score in nine points in the following opening quarters since the arrival of the shotclock.

We probably reveal the worst stretch of basketball in team history. The suns break the worst of the record. Chaos is their currency and their only consistency.

The past is filled with real mistakes associated with the misconduct that preceded the 2018-19 season. You have access to good information. You know better than anyone else.

The owner struck his boss immediately before the season began, despite the fact that Ryan McDonough laid the foundation for a real head coach (Mike Budenholzer) and a pre-draft trade that would have delivered a proper punishment (Shai Gilgeous-Alexander).

Unfortunately, Robert Sarver would not.

The interim GM, James Jones, is the latest on the clown carousel. He has not done anything in two months. He made Tyson Chandler to Lakers instead of delaying his outgoing contract at the trading deadline. He cut Shaq Harrison, the best punisher on his roster. The scouting department has been trimmed to the point where the suns are noticeably absent on the road.

Their head coach, Igor Kokoskov, swallows the living of a team he can not reach. It’s painful to look at and something predictable.

Coconut tree does not have a dynamic voice that can cut through the millennium. English is not his first language, and he can not take the room with his rhetoric. His communication skills are insufficient for the grandchildren, especially with such a young team.

He tries to reach children for reasons and reasons. He was hired for offensive concept and design and denied a legitimate punishment. His employment was sentenced before it began, and the proof is just before you:

Their # 1 overall choice is not motivated and plays smoothly. Their second first round of choice just entered a sideline with Coconut Creek, which looked very bad on television. Their disrespect for the head coach is shocking and feeds the losing culture that has penetrated the walls.

We have waited nine years for this to restore the burglary, to maintain the rich legacy once forged by Jerry Colangelo. And nothing ever changes.

“C man, you’re very embarrassing to me,” says Charles Barkley from the TNT studio.

They are embarrassing to all of us.

There is a reason why Sarver keeps shooting key managers in suits of petulance. Because he continues to hire the wrong people, those who come cheaply, without experience and are completely controllable.

Would not a smart man try something else? See the bug on his ways, especially when his wish to win is so obvious?

Yes, he would do that. Unless the owner is trapped in his own evil bike, chained to the tyranny of the ego, that he always has to be the responsible guy, the shots always call.

As a NBA commissioner, you work with great owners, humble servants, and those who suspect wealth for intelligence. You’ve kicked one of them out of the league forever. And you know that the worst type of owner is the one who must always claim ownership.

We would all think our turn will change organically, that Jones has something special in the sleeve. His relationship with LeBron James is exciting, maybe even leading to an audience with Kevin Durant. But Sarver once liked Lance Blanks and Lon Babby. He once employed Lindsey Hunter and Earl Watson. He is a banker and a businessman and woefully incompetent in matters of basketball. The post speaks for itself. What’s the odds that he’s right this time?

The latest dysfunction comes in a tough time. Our city council will vote next Wednesday for an agreement to renovate the Sun’s arena and the figures look reasonable: $ 150 million in public funding and $ 80 million contribute by the team. It’s a fair price to keep the sun in Phoenix until 2037.

But not under these circumstances. And many wonder why we should help finance a team that just hurts us and makes the owner dirty rich?

Please, Commissioner. Take a look under the hood. Submit a consultant or a Colangelo before another decade passes without a playoff dock. Before it gets worse.

Phoenix city deserves a professional basketball franchise who acts the part. And so you do.

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