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OnePlus 6T: Every detail and rumor so far

These days with exhaustive leakage and uninterruptible phone calls, OnePlus only wants to tell about its new phone. Specifically, its…

These days with exhaustive leakage and uninterruptible phone calls, OnePlus only wants to tell about its new phone. Specifically, its updated flagship, OnePlus 6T, has some exciting new features – and it will be October 29th. (Yes, it adjusted the original launch date to avoid overlap with another company that reveals new products the same day.) [19659002] Every year, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, reinforces its formula to deliver a top-class Android smartphone at a competitive price . The latest release, OnePlus 6, picked up a CNET Editor’s Choice in May 201

8 due to its excellent cameras, fast performance, slick design and starting price of $ 529 – less than Google Pixel 2 XL, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or Apple iPhone X .

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Camera Showdown: iPhone X vs OnePlus 6


This year, OnePlus will deliver a mid-cycle “T” upgrade that has exciting new features, including a fingerprint scanner buried under the phone’s reputed 6.4-inch AMOLED screen. (Scanner’s part has been confirmed but many other specifications – such as the size and technology of the monitor – have not been announced.)

OnePlus efficiently coordinated the chain environment that made a cottage industry undermining the carefully choreographed product messages of secret companies like Apple and Google. In fact, publishing of own teasers, Q & As, and in-depth features of upcoming phones has become a hallmark of OnePlus’s marketing strategy. (OnePlus founder Pete Lau recently confirmed more details about the upcoming 6T in his interview with CNET’s Lynn La.)

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6 most requested features for OnePlus 6T


But it still leaks. In addition to the wealth of sanctioned information we have about OnePlus 6T, industry sources and industrial readers have filled in the gaps with alleged images, specs and give. When we count down the days for the official introduction on October 29, we continue to gather the best news and rumors about OnePlus 6T here. So check back often.

Confirmed: OnePlus 6T launches October 29th

 oneplus-6t event

OnePlus 6T revised the launch day after Apple took on October 30th.

Screenshot of Josh Goldman / CNET

Back on October 8, OnePlus announced that it would reveal its new phone at Pier 36 in New York at 11:00 AM on October 30th. A few weeks later, Apple media invited a special event scheduled for 10 to be ET the same day. Ouch.

Because of this, OnePlus was repositioned until October 29 – one day earlier. The company will once again stream the message on its website and YouTube channel. [19659000] Read: Apple Power OnePlus to Move OnePlus 6T Launch One Day

Confirmed: Fingerprint Sensor on Screen

The upcoming OnePlus 6T will have a fingerprint on the display reader , confirmed the company to CNET. Some Chinese manufacturers have experimented with the technology before – The Vivo X21 and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS are two examples – but OnePlus 6T will be the first widely available phone with the feature in the United States.

OnePlus told CNET that it was originally intended to introduce technology to last year’s OnePlus 5T. Because “technology was not ripe to meet [OnePlus’] standards to deliver a fast and consistent user experience,” but it was delayed to 6T.

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 oneplus-type-c headphones-2-better contrast

 OnePlus type-c headphones-2-better- contrast



Confirmed: No Headphone Output

In an exclusive interview with CNET, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that 6T will not have a headphone jack. Set the scene of the move away from the older gate, the company announced its first USB-C headphones, the 20 dollar Type-C bullets, back in September.

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OnePlus Headphone Output Dilemma


Confirmed: “A Brand New User Interface”

In September, OnePlus released OxygenOS 9.0 with Android Pie for OnePlus 6. Since then, the company used its own forum to reveal a smoother user interface for future 6T. New features include an advanced “Do not Disturb” mode, new navigation guards, and a new shortcut for switching between recently used apps and Google Assistant linking.

The rumor: T-Mobile (USA only)

T-Mobile is expected to be the exclusive US carrier for OnePlus 6T, and it will be optimized for T-Mobile’s new 600 megahertz spectrum band network, according to several people acquaintances with the launch plans. OnePlus still sells its standard global version that is unlocked and can be run on either AT & T or T-Mobile, as well as most networks internationally

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OnePlus 6T fixes with T-Mobile


Rumors: OnePlus 6T will have a mini-notch

In September, a user in the Chinese social media site Weibo published images of an alleged OnePlus 6T store box. A sketch of the phone on the box shows a handset that is almost fully screened – with a small back cover on the front for front camera and a narrow bottom frame.

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Rumors: OnePlus Stickies With Snapdragon 845

OnePlus 6T has appeared on Geekbench – an online benchmark data store. Listed under the code name “FSFS P8801” shows the specifications that some OnePlus 6T configurations come with the same 8-core Snapdragon 845 currently available on model 6 (and a host of other current phones, including Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and LG’s V40 and 8GB RAM.

Read: Midrange phones are boring, but here’s why they “are also important [19659015] The rumor: OnePlus 6T will cost about $ 550

Double the industry-leading trend of cordless phone prices annually OnePlus has the highest growth rate for all major manufacturers. The price of the OnePlus phone has increased by about 33 percent in the United States and 43 percent in Britain. We have no reason to believe that OnePlus will change its 6T game plan, which we expect to cost between $ 550 and $ 570 (£ 420 and £ 435, AU $ 770 and AU $ 800 ).

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