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OnePlus 6T can be the first OnePlus phone to work on Verizon-BGR

OnePlus will reveal its second flagship of 2018 in just a few days, although it had to move the event…

OnePlus will reveal its second flagship of 2018 in just a few days, although it had to move the event when Apple rained on its parade. Nevertheless, OnePlus 6T is still one of the Android highlights this year. OnePlus 6T will deliver a new design, and it will be the first OnePlus phone to sell with an American operator. T-Mobile is the Russian mobile operator, but a new report says that the new phone will also work on Verizon.

Up to now, US buyers have had no trouble connecting OnePlus devices to AT & T or T-Mobile networks, but Verizon support was not available. It’s not available. But PCMag has learned that OnePlus 6T can also support Verizon when launched in the coming weeks. The report notes that, as far as Asus ZenFone V, Verizon would not accept unlocked devices on its network because these devices would not support 2G CDMA. ZenFone V is meanwhile only LTE, and OnePlus 6T is probably also an LTE single device.

But Verizon’s LTE coverage now exceeds old CDMA coverage, adds the report, and OnePlus 6T will support LTE Band 1

3, which is “important” for Verizon compatibility. And Veirzon’s laboratories apparently seem to certify the phone for Big Red’s network.

As we said earlier, carrier transfers to make OnePlus phones seem even cheaper than they are, so buyers can pay for them through installment plans. So it’s not surprising to hear that OnePlus may be interested in getting their phones certified for Verizon, even if a partnership will not be announced anytime soon. A separate report said a few days ago that OnePlus increased its presence in other markets, such as the UK, where more operators will store OnePlus 6T than previous devices.

OnePlus 6T will be presented on October 29th and should meet stores on November 6, following leakage.

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