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One of the most serious Android 8.1 bugs will not be fixed until June

There is no doubt that right now we are in the best historical moment of Android, we have already got…

There is no doubt that right now we are in the best historical moment of Android, we have already got rid of the happy lag, it is not at all common for an application to force closure, and fragmentation … Well, the fragmentation is still very present in Android, But that is another issue.

However, Android it is not a perfect operating system, and, right now, there are many terminals with Android 8.1 affected by an operating system error, which will not see this remedied until June, do you know what error is involved?

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The multi-touch error will not be fixed until June

It does not matter which mobile operating system of the two most established uses, since in the end There are certain patterns and gestures that are repeated in both. Possibly, the most universal is the pinch-to-zoom, yes, that of zooming all life separating two fingers.

Well, as we have said before, many terminals, including Google Pixel 2 and its older brother, Google Pixel 2 XL, they are affected by an error when they press the screen with several fingers. And is that, when trying to make one of these gestures, there are ghostly touches between the two fingers, which is not expected in a mobile of these characteristics.

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The good news is that Google has found the solution to this error, as we can read in XDA Developers, Obviously it is your duty to do it. However, there is also a bad part, and it is that this patch will not be distributed to users with the security update of May, but will have to wait until June.

Without a doubt, it is about bad news for all mobile owners that may be affected by this error like the Google Pixel or the Razer Phone, and the fact that they will have to endure this error for two months clearly harms the image of these two big companies.

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