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One million volts vs the mythical Nokia 3310: the end will not surprise you

One million volts vs the mythical Nokia 3310: the end will not surprise you

The traditional Nokia of a few years ago have the reputation of being ultra-resistant. Nicknamed the Chuck Norris phones, the brand managed to create an aura of indestructibility that still remains today . The tests of physical resistance that have been published on the internet are counted by thousands, but today we come to bring you a rather curious one.

A Russian youtuber has tried to Plug a Nokia 3310 and a new terminal into a current of one million volts . The goal is not to load it, far from it. Just see how they both react. We already warned you that the results may not surprise you, but here we leave the video so you can see for yourself.

In the first moment, both go crazy . The legendary Finnish phone turns on its screen and some keys and even understands that you are pressing the number 1 key for a few seconds and (following its traditional configuration) makes a quick call to the number assigned to that key. And works. On the other hand, the current terminal does have more problems digesting the huge amount of volts . Open and close applications to crazy, camera, back, multitasking, … We even see as a horizontal line of burned pixels appears fleetingly.

Once the experiment is finished, it is important to evaluate how the terminals respond now. The smartphone is only able to understand the interactions that are made through the physical buttons : turn up and down volume and lock and unlock the device. Nevertheless, the touch screen does not respond at any time , not even once the terminal has been restarted.

On the other hand, the Nokia 3310 has resisted with integrity and remains a perfectly usable device . The screen turns on, the keys perform their function and everything works like silk despite the download. One more proof that these terminals are made by and to withstand any inclemency. Even a one million volt discharge.