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Today we are going to talk about an application aimed at counteracting one of the market trends: the new panoramic format screens. It can not be denied that the reduced bevels are bringing increasingly high and narrow screens to our smartphones, and this means that they are increasingly difficult to handle with one hand. ” One Handed Mode “It is the application that arrives to solve this problem.

This application, which we can find on Google Play with the name of ” One Hand Mode “, Get us to handle smartphones of large screens with one hand , being able to get the best of this type of smartphones, a compact size in our pocket and a pleasant use when we can only use one hand.

So is One Handed Mode (OHM) for Android

If you can not get to the top settings of your smartphone or the functions of your favorite application when you use your mobile with one hand, this application will like you very much, since it is as complete and configurable.

One-Handed Mode is inspired by the easy access mode of iOS and one of its main advantages is that does not need have the device rooted and that works even in the official ROMs of the manufacturer.

Those are the functions that brings us One Handed Mode:

  • Install a switch in the quick settings menu
  • Add a floating button on the Android home screen
  • Complete integration with the customized navigation bar
  • Emergency button to reset the device
  • Possibility of activating the one-hand mode in the same boot of the device
  • Automatic adjustment of DPI for a better quality of contents according to the resolution of our screen.
  • Customize the size of the window of use with only one hand.
  • Possibility to disable the one-hand mode on the lock screen, by pressing the start button, or when the device is in landscape mode
  • Floating start button on any screen of your launcher (paid version).

In addition to the above functions, One Handed Mode can be configured to automatically place the power switch in one place or another on the screen or partially hide said switch if we do not want it to use so much space in the window.

In summary, with One Handed Mode you can create a window of use with a single hand fully customized and with a wide variety of options when deciding when to use this mode and how to activate and deactivate it. As we said at the beginning, it is suitable for any Android smartphone and is free. Although it does not work with all applications, it’s worth checking out.