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Once again, Seahawks hangs with Rams to the bitter end. Again they will only be short.

Just as they did the first time these two teams met at CenturyLink Field last month, seahawks and Rams dueled…

Just as they did the first time these two teams met at CenturyLink Field last month, seahawks and Rams dueled but Seattle came up short. However, Seahawk coach Pete Carroll chose to focus hard on all silver items he could find.

LOS ANGELES – The Seahawks have played 120 of the most physical bruises and mentally challenging minutes that are possible this season against the team with the best record in NFL: Los Angeles Rams.

They have won 463 meters rushing against Rams, scored 62 points and were bound or forward for all but 28 minutes and 21 seconds of the two games that contained a huge 12-lead changes.

They’ve also lost twice, every time you watch Rams make a game on a fourth in the last two minutes &#821

1; one on offensive one in defense – to finally seal the victory.


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But about the big picture in the stands is a 4-5 team with a tough road to make the playoff – and no realistic shot at the NFC West (Rams only needs two wins to do it no matter what Seattle does ) Seahawk coach Pete Carroll preferred to see another big picture after the team’s last-ever-may-have-been.

After Seattles 36-31 defeat to Rams on Sunday, Carroll opened his postgame news conference saying: “I really loved this football match today.”


As Seahawks never bounced down, Carroll said he went from a 12-point deficit at 5:49 left to stand at Rams & # 39; 35 with 26 seconds left and one last shot to take the lead and maybe win a victory.

“I think the whole stadium was nervous, to be honest with you at the end of them,” said Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson. 19659003] Carroll loved Seattle rushing for 273 meters without starting Chrisback Carson and starting the right guard D.J. Fluker – their most farms after receiving 350 against the giants in 2014, and most in a Seahawk defeat. Carroll also loved how the defense got a last stop when it knew that Seahawk’s crime was necessary to get a final shot with the ball.

“There is nothing negative to get out of this case,” said Carroll. “There is always the opportunity to do it better and we need to figure out a way to capture them, but that’s not the kernel. The core is currently fighting and thinking and knowing we can make it done.”

Maybe you can see it as only the ever-positive Carroll sees no other choice than spinning positively with another game on the docket Thursday towards Green Bay. (A team that preaches “no time to live” really has no one right now.)

But Carroll spoke with a tension that contrasted strongly with the disappointment of last week’s loss to chargers, that Seattle had not let that frustrating defeat of color how it was against Rams.

Seahawks drove 75 meters for touchdowns the first two times as they had the ball Sunday and were made by a rookie breakout game that drove back Rashaad Penny, who had 108 meters at 12 berries.

“There was nobody on the field who did not break his ass today,” said Carroll. “Everyone did.” “

But as Carroll promised,” We must make (the effort) win for us now. “

Perhaps the effort would have translated into a” W “on Sunday if only one of a handful actor had gone the opposite.

Among the most critical:

  • After Seattle had taken the lead 21-20 at the end of third quarter, Rams forced to one third and 15 from their own 46. Clearly, the recipient broke Robert Woods next to the Seattle zone to capture a 35-year-old passport – the second time in two weeks Seattle has given up a third and – 15 or longer – leading to a touchdown of two gigs later that puts Rams forward for good.

“Oh, we’ve just screwed up the sun,” said Carroll. “Just busted the drop. A bit wrong. Just a basic error. Just screwed it up. It should never have happened, but it did. & # 39; & # 39;

  • After driving to kick a field goal that lowered the lead to 26-24 by 9:56 left, the Seahawks tried to catch Rams off guard with an onside kick. Only Sebastian Janikowski basically kicked the ball directly to Los Angeles recipient Josh Reynolds.

“Let me tell you if it looked during the week, we would never call it,” said Carroll. “It looked good all week, never missed it once. It was not the ball we were going to meet… .Thought we had a great chance to surprise them.”

Ramsna used the gift for to drive for a field goal that made it 29-24 with 7:39 left.

  • On their next run, the Seahawks met third and three on their own 32, with an empty backfield set. Rams Dante Fowler, who had held two Seattle runs earlier in the match with personal mistakes (one came after the whistle), raced around left tack Duane Brown to beat Wilson when he threw and forced a fumble as Fowler received credit to recover at 9 yard line.

“I thought I had a pretty good block on him,” Brown said. “I thought I had him quite deep in the field. … Good game of him. It sucks. It sucks. Put them in a good position. They made the next game. So it can not happen. … did something better. & # 39; & # 39;

Ramsen actually took a 36-24 lead on a Brandin Cook 9-yard run at the next game that seemed to put the game away at 5:49. [19659023] But not so fast. Seattle first drove 90 yards in 12 games against a really soft Rams defense to reduce the lead to 36-31 by 1:56 left on Wilson’s third touchdown of the day – this for 3 meters to Mike Davis.

The Seattle defense came through and forced its only three-and-out to get the ball back at 25, by 1:24 left. The Seahawks then used a 29-foot Wilson-to-Tyler-Lockett pass and a Wilson runs to reach 35 with 39 seconds left.

Just like last week against chargers, Seahawks suddenly saw the potential to make a late double-digit deficit to an unlikely victory.

“There was never doubt in our mind,” says Nick Vannett, the tight end. “As long as Russ has the ball in his hands.”

But spiking the ball to end the clock is wasted first and then completes incomplete David Moore and Vannett the fourth and last chance with 26 seconds left.

Wilson tried to escape from a heavy rush from blitzing Los Angeles linebacker Samson Ebukam and Aaron Donald, but when Donald closed around 35, Wilson kicked and threw wildly over Lockett’s head around 15. 19659037] “I think Aaron chased me, “said Wilson, who raised a season-high 92 rushing yards. “I would drive it, but I did not think I could get it because someone else came in. Just trying to make a game before I was thanked. Did not get out.”

Ramsna celebrated wild when the ball fell to the grass – their jubilant way resembling another post-game frenzy after they had converted a fourth down to finish a 33-31 victory over the Seahawks last month in Seattle.

But if the frames were victorious , insisted Carroll on Seahawks not be defeated.

“The fight we have shown, the competitiveness we are about will give us a chance to do something special if we continue to hang and we continue to believe,” said Carroll. ” And that’s the message here. “”

(Bob Condotta / The Seattle Times)

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