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Once Again] Google tests a colorless formless Play Store redesign with large installation button

You know the beautiful, bold colors that would elaborate on material design? Yup, we have long kissed them farewell and…

You know the beautiful, bold colors that would elaborate on material design? Yup, we have long kissed them farewell and they seem to be peeled off from an app on your phone: Play Store.

A couple of users have started to see a new Play Store interface that removes the green title and notification field, replacing them with a white. It also removes the green background behind What is the new section of change shots and replaces it with white. It also removes the gray background behind your rating / review of an app and … you guessed it … replaces it with white. The only real addition of color is a larger green Install the button.

There are many other changes in the interface, such as the disappearance of cards for similar apps and recommendations, the broader text column for reviews, and some font differences, as well as a mysterious lack of round indicators for downloads, categories, and review results. The latter may be a sign that this user interface is still under development because you can see the blank space where they should be … unless Google made them completely white. I child, my child. Partially.

Below is a series of screenshots of the current interface I look at my device (left) and what appears on the new design (right). So you can fix your eyes on the disappearance of color and shape.

This appears to be a limited server-side test so let’s hope it does not roll out to all users before someone in the design team calculates how to add some color or texture. [19659007] Another Iteration

The new Play Store design seems to have hit more and more users in recent months, so we thought we would update this post to get it into attention. The design also seems a bit more complete now with the category and chart bubbles shown under the app’s name and developer, and the blank white line below the install button fills in the review result, the number of downloads, and PG ratings. We’ll also get a glimpse (on the screen below) on how beta testing apps will pop up. Tip: not much color either. Thank you to all who sent this in!

I can not say I’m a fan of this design yet, but it feels more complete than when we first discovered it. It’s still too white and can use some different differentiation between all elements.

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