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Old Android malware returns to the Google Play Store


Unfortunately it seems that there is a long way to completely eliminate the Android malware and the malicious applications present in Google Play Store . Normally this type of dangers usually stay in unofficial app stores, but sometimes manage to go through Google filters. Sometimes, as we have just discovered, even on more than one occasion.

Google has done a lot to thwart the Android malware in recent months, but there is still a lot of work ahead. At the same time as the measures to eliminate the malware of our devices, the ways in which cybercriminals try to sneak into our phones in one way or another evolve. The strange thing is that they return to appear the same infected files that were eliminated in the past, only with a simple change of name.

This is revealed by Symantec, a security company that recently discovered seven malicious applications in the Google Play Store that had previously been removed from the Google Play Store. However the same Android malware It has resurfaced in the company’s application store through the use of a new editor and new application names. Something that, on paper, should not be so simple.

Old Android malware returns to the Google Play Store

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After discovering 15 apps that you must delete immediately from your phone , now we echo several pieces of software that have been cast in the store of Android applications disguised as productivity apps that have even used official Google images to trick users. After its installation, the smartphone began to show endless ads and redirects to web pages of dubious security. Fortunately, at the time of writing these lines, all the mentioned applications have already been deleted from the Google Play Store.

That a malicious application sneaks in Google Play Store It is difficult but not strange. What is more rare is to see how Android malware that had already been removed from the app store returns with a simple name change, something that should make Google Play Store alarms since it is a simple change “aesthetic.” We always recommend downloading apps from official sources, but Google You must work in depth in your apps market to prevent this type of situations from recurring more and more frequently.