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Oklahoma deserves Playoff, but Georgia is one of 4 best

We ask the College Football Playoff committee to perform an impossible task. They will choose the four best teams in…

We ask the College Football Playoff committee to perform an impossible task. They will choose the four best teams in the country, but what does it mean – the four teams are most likely to win a game tomorrow ? The teams that have been the best throughout the year ?

Even with violence, we know that it is not just about “best”.

For example, Ohio State may have been the best team in the country last season, but Buckeyes lost two regular year games, including one in blow-out to a 50-layer interface. It was a disqualification, even though pure quality was on OSU’s side.

We also know your actual profits and losses. We say “best”, but we also know “deserves” things.

If it was clean about “best” &#821

1; if college football would reveal the console for a basketball competition 68 competition – we know Kirby Smarts Georgia Bulldogs would easily be in the field, and they would be one of the field favorites. If they were given the chance to play Lincoln Riley’s Oklahoma Sooners, they would be favored, both by Vegas and S & P +.

Dawgs is truly one of the best teams in the country.

Dawgs is also unwanted by one of the four places in the College Football Playoff.

As Smart is good at work, he began to police for a spot at the moment after UGA Saturday night to Alabama.

“It points to one thing,” said Smart to reporters after the match. “Do you want the four best teams in or not? It’s so simple. [Alabama] sat home last year [during the SEC Championship] and got into the match while everyone else beat each other and they had a good football team.”

SEC- Commissioner Greg Sankey joined the choir and even Alabama Head coach Nick Saban agreed that he would rather not play Georgia again. Saban had no reason to join, but the coordinated efforts from Smart, Sankey and others were predictable but, in principle, had some parts of truth on their part.

 NCAA Football: SEC Championship Alabama vs Georgia

Kirby Smart Brett Davis USA TODAY Sports

It does not matter. Oklahoma should get No. 4 and face No. 1 Alabama in the CFP semifinals. Here’s why.

In 2016, Penn State won both Big Ten and struck one-loss Ohio State, but the committee still put Buckeyes in the CFP field instead of the Nittany Lions. In 2017, Ohio State just missed because of its second loss. We know other loss issues.

Oklahoma once lost, with 3 points, to a team that was in the CFP Committee’s second-last 15th, then avenged the loss on Saturday in the Big 12 Championship. OU won the CFP 16th (WVU) and No. 23 (Iowa State) teams, giving them three wins over the top 25 teams – the same number as Georgia (No. 9 Florida, No. 15 Kentucky, and No. 24 Missouri ).

The season’s fast non-conference game was subdued when the UCLA collapsed between the time the game was signed and when it was actually played, but the army tried to compensate for it – the Black Knight, who took Sooners to overtime in September, is ranked in full by the AP.

True, Georgia’s losses are defensible – a neutral loss of No. 1 Bama on Saturday and a 20-point road loss to No. 10 LSU in Baton Rouge in October. But the LSU game was Georgia’s mulligan; Dawgs was out-manned and out-classed that day and while responding with almost perfect games in the next month and changing, you do not tend to get a second chance, no matter how difficult your schedule is.

It is not just that Bulldogs have the same number of top 25 wins and more losses – that is, they also do not have the conference master! short to play.

The CFP Committee has refrained from placing a two-loss team in the field so far, although part of it is only true; We know, for example, that would have put two-lose Auburn in the field in 2017, the tigers had beat Georgia in the SEC Championship.

It’s going to happen one day. But it’s likely to happen to a conference master .

One of the biggest antitrust brands against OU is not Sooner’s summary – which matches or exceeds Georgia with the tools commonly used by the CFSP Committee, as shown above – is that Sooner’s defense is stinking.

And my lord, it does. This makes the OU a team of bad balance, a term that the chair chairs often use when speaking publicly.

OU allows 6.3 meters per game against Texas on Saturday, almost one farm per game higher than Longhorn’s seasonality and we responded as Sooners had just channeled 1985’s previous defense or something. The bar is so low. On the way to the weekend they were 84 in Def. S & P +; it goes without saying that it is the lowest rated unit for any team that will play in CFP or a new year’s six bowl this year. It’s bad.

But it was bad last year too – worse, actually, by S & P +. And OU still came within an overtime period to turn Georgia into a place in the national title game.

When your offense is almost a complete touchdown better than anyone else in college football, it gives you a lot of space. [19659027] If they were 10 points per game better on defense (which would make them about 26 in Def. S & P +) and 10 points worse off (which would unbelievably drop them to just about four), it would make them to a better team?

No. S & P + would rate them the same way, and they would probably have the same record.

So why should hell balance? It should not. Hell, even NFL begins to embrace things like “points” and “yards” and Riley’s name has become bandied about as a candidate for NFL jobs because of its offensive ability. If the joyless No Fun League can watch favor with Riley, why should the committee maintain a vision of how to win a soccer game in Oklahoma?

It’s hard, but it’s true.

If you look at the fact that the OU Resume is comparable to the standards used by the Committee, and if you look at the fact that OU is a Conference Champion and Georgia is not, you still get to this: if the goal is to finding a semifinal opponent to Alabama would not be a pretty good finisher is “Select the team not just losing to Alabama?”

Granted, reassessments happen, and they can benefit a team a lot. OU claims just its only loss of the season, just like former CFP runners 2014 (Oregon) and 2017 Georgia (against Auburn) did in their conference title game.

But it was conference title game. The committee can only squeeze four teams in Playoff (for now ahem), so the split lines can be quite thin. If Georgia had wanted to enter the field, it would not have been destroyed by LSU, or b) should not have become a double-digit leader to Alabama and give up the winning points to backup QB

Thus Georgia sets its fate in the hands of others .

 NCAA Football: Big 12 Championship Texas vs Oklahoma

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