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Oil sprays that have been 14 years old are almost the worst ever

After an oil production platform took place by Taylor Energy 2004, several oil wells have spilled millions of gallons of…

After an oil production platform took place by Taylor Energy 2004, several oil wells have spilled millions of gallons of material in the ocean, and in due time the disaster is likely to be the worst in history, Washington Post revealed in a report published on Monday.

Every day in the last 14 years, nearly 12,000 to 30,000 liters of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico after 145km / h winds in Hurricane Ivan knocked over a Taylor Energy drilling platform located 12 miles off Louisiana coast. A mudslid caused by the storm ceased to shift a large part of the seabed and caused the leaky wells to be difficult to find. As a result, many of them have been disconnected. According to AP, the wells’ heads lie more than 400 feet underwater and are buried under 60 to 1

00 feet of clay.

“There has been an upward trend of the narrow areas in the last two years,” Oscar Pineda-Garcia, an adjunct professor at Florida State University, also runs a company that charts oil spill, told AP. The oil is so thick in some parts of the bay that people have had breathing masks because the smoke is overwhelming, Pineda-Garcia was added.

It is even worse that the leak probably continues for the rest of the century reported

In 2008, Coast Guard commissioned Taylor Energy to conduct daily flights over the leakage site

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The accident will soon be one of the most harmful oil-related disasters the world has ever seen, yet exceeds the damage made during the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Emissions went unreported to the public for almost four years after it happened.

“Taylor Energy reported the game to the Coast Guard, which supervised space for more than half a decade without the public being fully aware of the mess it saw”, The Post referring to a trial between the company and its insurer , reported.

“Four years after the leak began, in July 2008, the Coast Guard informed the company that the spill was considered to be” a continuous, uncertain oil spill “which meant” a significant threat to the environment. “

Taylor Energy and its employees were able to attract about a third of the wells during their efforts but the process was prevented because they were banned from boring or drilling to minimize the risk of piping and deterioration of the spill. Although the company built a “shield” to stop the oil from reaching the water

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“Fourteen years After the Taylor game and 10 years after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, the federal government still does not know the full impact of the games on it marine life, says Posten . “And there is no economic analysis that shows the value of oil flowing into the ocean and potential royalties lost to taxpayers. Activists also want an analysis to determine if oil destroys marshland and makes way to beaches.” [19659002] A representative of Taylor Energy did not respond immediately to PEOPLE’s request for comments.

The news comes at a time when the trumpet administration aims to expand offshore drilling for the oil and gas industry.

As Post noted, the administration wants to expand drilling in areas along the Atlantic coast, where hurricanes broke far more often than the Gulf – and they may only become more frequent due to heating temperatures and water.

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