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Oil Prices Refueling? 8 reasons why you still want to buy a Tesla (or another EV)!

Cars Published on November 25, 2018 | by Paul Fosse November 25, 2018 at Paul Fosse With oil prices falling…

 Paul Fosse

Published on November 25, 2018 |

by Paul Fosse

November 25, 2018 at Paul Fosse

With oil prices falling to its lowest level for more than a year (since October 9, 201

7), there is no reason to buy a Tesla anymore. Well, I’m here to give you many reasons that I’m still glad to drive electrically.

Grace Irene Caissie

# 1 – Instant Power

I’ve driven my Tesla Model 3 about 4000 miles and a 2012 Nissan Leaf for about 70,000 miles before that, and my favorite thing is the quiet, smooth and instant power.

With my Leaf, I was always the first from the stoplight. Even though the acceleration of a blade is not better than most petrol trucks, they end up faster because you can use full power (floor) without scaring someone through the roughness and noisy noise coming out of the car. I had a V6 Honda Accord a few years ago (good car, btw) and it was faster than the blade, but I could not floor it without my wife or child wondering what was wrong. Not so with the magazine.

Electric cars are also good for passing other cars because you do not have to wait for a turbo ring or downshift or anything else – you only have instant, straightforward power when you request it. The blade did not have much power over 50 mph to pass (but what it had was immediate). Model 3, however, is not just enough to get the job done – it’s enough to put a “Tesla Smile” on you and your passengers’ faces over and over again.

# 2 – Incredible Safety [19659010] As many writers of CleanTechnica have mentioned earlier, electric vehicles (EV) in general, and especially Tesla, offer unique safety benefits. I have seen my fair share of crashes and even been a bit injured a couple of times in a car and it gives me a lot of peace and quiet when my family is riding in our Tesla. With high acceleration, handling, braking and electronic driving auxiliary functions, I think the chances of being in an accident are relatively low, but clincher is that even if everything goes wrong and we crash or get plowed in, I know my family is in the car with The lowest likelihood of injury to the 923 cars tested since 2011 by NHTSA.

# 3 – Convenience with home charging and the well-planned network

You never realized how much I had home loads until I had to take my last remaining gasoline car to the gas station after I did not drive it in about a month. I remembered that you have to be careful not to fuel you or you will stumble the rest of the day. Also, I had to remember which side to fill the mind from and had to deal with the screens that are hard to read in the sun to answer the various necessary questions before it would give me the gas. Not a big deal, but it’s much better to plug my car in the charger in my garage whenever I want and quickly move on from there. Alternatively, on long journeys, the Superchargers are clean, easy to use and conveniently located.

Atlantis Crystal Caissie (10 months)

# 4 – You still save money!

Although gas drops to $ 2 per gallon, it will still be much cheaper to burn any EV (and even more if you trust free public charge). And fuel savings are just the beginning, as I wrote in a series of articles about the Tesla Model Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). You not only save money on running an EV, you also save maintenance and by getting $ 7,500 tax credits (including credits and discounts in some US states or other countries). With Tesla purchasing additional truck capacity from now until the end of the year, it has helped speed up all cars ordered by November 30 to ensure that buyers receive them by December 31 and are entitled to receive the entire 7,500 tax credit!

# 5 – Looks

This is a bit of a double entender. Teslas all looks good, but I’m especially partial to model S and model 3. The other meaning of the look is that you’ll notice a lot more when you drive a Tesla than if you drive almost anything else. People come and star or ask me about the car all the time. If you like to get noticed, Tesla is the car to buy.

# 6 – Technology

It was like going from a car to an EV (especially a Tesla) like going from a flip phone to a smartphone. I have talked to many people about their electrical and electronic components (personally and online) and I have never met a person who owned an EV and wanted to go back to a car. It just feels like giving up your smartphone.

In both the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model 3, the car felt more advanced than any petrol car I owned, but the combination of Autopilot and the updates over the air means that even when the car is several years old, it will still feel the state of the art and get new Features every few weeks!

# 7 – Environmental Benefits

Although I’m not so worried about climate change as most of the authors here on CleanTechnica, I see that my carbon footprint decreases as a good thing that has no disadvantage. In addition to carbon dioxide emissions, gas and diesel cars emit many traditional pollutants, and although the use of catalysts greatly reduces many of these emissions from new cars, when cars are older, their pollutant controls break down or are inactivated and in some states, like in some states of Florida , there is no annual inspection so the older cars can pollute a hundred times as much as a newer car and I do not think they violate any laws.

Another great advantage is that EVs do not produce carbon monoxide. With key-proof entrances and cars that stop the engine when you park, it’s easier than ever to leave your car, which is not safe.

# 8 – Camping in Teslas, that’s a thing!

As we wrote In this article, camping in Teslas is a warm new trend. The ability to regulate the temperature without running high and smoking engines is a major part of its popularity, but the spacious back and chances of throwing back are also important. If you get a model with a glass ceiling, it’s a bonus that lets you see the stars as you camp!

Jayson, Atlantis and Grace Caissie

Conclusion [19659009] For 7 reasons not enough to buy an EV, we have previously listed 30 reasons to make the switch! I’m thinking of people who are still wondering if it’s time to do the switch, you have to come to a friend with an EV or retailer and take one for a trip. It will feel a bit weird first, but I think you will love it!

If you decide to purchase a Tesla, you must order it by 30 November to qualify for the entire $ 7,500 Federal Tax Credit in the United States and you can use a reference code to get 6 months free overload on model S, model X or model 3. You can also get a 5-year extended warranty on solar panels. Here is my code for any of these benefits from Tesla:

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