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Ohio State's Inferior College Football Playoff Ranking is not due to the crime of Oklahoma

Ohio State and Oklahoma seasons have followed a similar path. It is only right that they are on a collision…

Ohio State and Oklahoma seasons have followed a similar path. It is only right that they are on a collision course for controversies.

In Tuesday’s CFP ranking, Sooners and Buckeyes moved up. The two now sit at No. 5 and No. 6 and wait patiently for Alabama to open the last chair.

The two programs have big arguments for earning the last place and the early edge has given Oklahoma. When Rob Mullens tried to explain why Sooners was before Buckeyes, his statement became short.

The CFP chairman proposes that the Ohio state’s defense is why it lies behind Oklahoma is hilarious. As a reference, Silver Bullets will enter no. 62 in total defense (not good) while Sooners is in triple numbers (definitely worse).

Mullens says that the crimes in both Ohio State and Oklahoma can bear their respective defenses, which is correct. Both Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray have been forced to make their team win on several occasions.

But Mullens uses this argument to justify why Sooners is rated before Buckeyes, which means that the offensive against defensive production of Oklahoma is greater than Ohio State. There is little evidence to back this up.

Buckeyes Offensive Defensive Production Exceeds Oklahoma’s

Throughout the season, the opponents managed to get more laps than their season when they played Buckeyes. The same goes for Sooners, which gives them both a terrible defense. Both teams have found their success on the other side of the ball and rival the offensive to 11-1 entries.

When comparing Ohio State and Oklahoma’s output to their opponents average, there is no significant difference between the two playoff contestants.

Ohio State wins 150.3 meters above its opponent average and allows 8.8 meters above its opponent average, making Buck 141.5 meters “better” than their opponent. Oklahoma’s differential of 182 and 33 put Sooners at 149 meters “better” than their opponents.

Less than 10m separates the two schools, but there is an idea that says Oklahoma has a superior crime that can compensate for its defense mistakes while Buckey’s fierce defense is too much for the crime to overcome.

The story is crumbling as Ohio State and Oklahoma are compared to themselves. Skarlet and Gray have a better defense and only a little worse crime than Sooners, giving them the edge in overall defense production.

Buckeyes surpasses the former in each category
Overall Metric No. 6 Ohio State No. 5 Oklahoma
Point Differential 17.5 17.3
Yards / Game Differential 145.5 135.2
Turnover Differential 1.7 -0.2

These figures show that while Oklahoma’s crime can constitute its defense, this statement can not be an explanation of why Sooners is rated before Ohio State. The Buckeyes are superior in the three categories, all of which include a blend of crime and defense. If Oklahoma were better than Ohio State, Sooners would not have better numbers?

While competing for the final place in the playoffs, both teams get the chance to add another ranked win and a conference champion to their resume. Ohio State Superior over Oklahoma continues against ranked opponents.

Metric against current opponent No. 6 Ohio State No. 5 Oklahoma
Score 2-0 2-1
Point Differential 12 3.3
Yards / Game Differential 31.5 20.7
Turnover Differential 0.5 -0.5

Even considering the TCU implosion and a weaker than usual Big Ten, Ohio State has been more dominant than Oklahoma. The difference in offensive against defensive production favors Buckeyes, who should support Ohio State’s argument to enter the final game.

How can Oklahoma be ranked before the scarlet and gray?

The answer is quite simple: Purdue. Oklahoma’s loss to Texas on a last-minute field goal looks much better than Purdue’s fourth-quarter explosion against Buckeyes. Sooners will also have a second chance at Longhorns, giving them the opportunity to beat every team they played this season. Boilermakers ended their 6-6 season with losses to eastern Michigan and Minnesota.

When the state ignores the unexplained loss to Purdue, Ohio State has the far superior CV. Buckeyes have the two best winnings between the two teams (Michigan, Penn State) and battered the best defense in the nation last week.

However, losing 29 points to an inexperienced team is damaging to championships and may be too much for Buckeyes to overcome.

Nevertheless, today’s games play the most. If Oklahoma loses and Ohio State wins, Bucks should have a date with Alabama. If Buckeyes falls to Northwestern and Oklahoma takes care of Herman, Sooners can play a SEC team in the playoffs for the second consecutive year. None of these scenarios can mean if Georgia can hit Alabama. Nevertheless, Ohio State can engage in the final game with a dominant achievement over Northwestern and some help from an old friend.

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