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Ohio State's 14 wins over Michigan in 15 matches – Ranking Buckeyes best wins

November 29, 2018 Sports 1 Views COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State has hit Michigan for 14 of the last 15…

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State has hit Michigan for 14 of the last 15 years.

After this season of 62-39 victory, some Buckeyes fans spoke of this victory as one of the biggest in the history of rivalry. It made me wonder, was it?

I have not been out for all 115 editions of The Game, but I’ve covered everything but one of Buckeyes’s wins in this stretch. Ohio State began winning 2004. I’ve been there since 2005.

So I thought I was quite qualified for this exercise – ranking the best OSU winners in the biggest stretch of Ohio State’s dominance in this rivalry.

For some OSU fans, it’s like choosing your favorite child. How can you have a favorite Michigan win?

I tried. Of course this is arbitrary. And it is based on a nebulous idea of ​​greatness &#821

1; how impressive, how memorable, how unexpected, how exciting a victory from Buckeyes was.

Here is a clue.

This year’s victory was quite good by Buckhead’s underdog. But that did not make my top five.

Check out the entire list, then vote at the bottom of your favorite win from 14. And in the comments, or by tweeting @DougLesmerises tell me where I went wrong.

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