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Ohio radio station stops playing “Baby It's Cold Outside” after the listener expresses concern about the lyrics of the song

A radio station in Ohio has pulled "Baby It's Cold Outside" from its show after a listener expressed concern about…

A radio station in Ohio has pulled “Baby It’s Cold Outside” from its show after a listener expressed concern about the lyrics of the holiday singer.

According to Fox 8, WDOK took Christmas 102.1 away after a listener called the radio station and suggested it was not appropriate to play the 1940s in 2018.

“It was not our decision,” said WDOK host Desiray to the outlet . “It is our listener’s decision.”

“People may say” Oh, well, this #MeToo “but if you really put it aside and listen to the lyrics, that’s not something I want my daughter to be in such a situation, she continued. and explained that “melody can be tempting, but maybe we may not promote that kind of idea. “

According to Fox 8, the Cleveland radio station said they conducted a vote on their site with the majority of voters to remove the song. The results were not visible online, Fox reported 8. [1

9659003] A separate poll on the radio station’s Facebook- page showed results and they were quite different: 92 percent of more than 600 voters were to play the song while 8 percent thought it inappropriate.

The 1944 song, written by Frank Loesser, has been debating over the years whether lyrics are problematic.

In the melody, which has been covered by many artists since the debut, a woman sings: “I can not really stop,” As a man answers: “But darling, it’s cold outside. “

In another part of a song, a woman’s songs are heard like” Say what’s in this drink? “,” The answer is no “and” I have to come home. “

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