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For those who want to enjoy alternative ROMs, having a recovery of guarantees on their mobile is essential. And among all the recovery, undoubtedly the TWRP is the most popular of all. As well, Official TWRP Recovery is now available for Huawei P20 Pro , Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and more mobile.

As usual, ROM currently review the news regarding different phones, and last week we already knew the TWRP of the Huawei P20 Pro , although unlike this occasion, it was not official.

So you can install official TWRP Recovery

We must point out that these have not been the only phones that have seen an official version of TWRP Recovery, since there have been several and from different manufacturers who already have this stable version of Team Win recovery. Obviously the most prominent are the Huawei P20 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 , although they are accompanied by the following phones, as prominent as the OnePlus 6 :

Official TWRP Recovery arrives at the Huawei P20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Official TWRP Recovery arrives at the Huawei P20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Max 2

In the links you can access the official website of TWRP , where you can access the recovery images for download and installation. In many cases the installation is as simple as downloading and installing the TWRP app in the terminal, downloading our image, and installing it from this app. If this procedure does not convince you, you can choose to connect the mobile to the computer, and run ADB from it, to be able to do the manual installation.

  • We enable the development options in the mobile, you know, by clicking seven times in the build to activate the developer mode
  • We open the developer options
  • We click on USB debugging
  • We rebooted the OnePlus 5 in fastboot mode and after executing ADB, we wrote “adb reboot bootloader” without the quotes
  • Once you have rebooted in bootloader mode, we type “fastboot oem unlock” without the quotes

Now we install TWRP.

  • Download the image with the TWRP of the mobile in which we are going to install, from the links above, and keep it in a PC folder
  • Now on the computer we go to the folder where we downloaded the TWRP, press “Shift + right mouse button” in a blank space in the folder and click on “open command window here”.
  • Connect the mobile to the PC
  • Now from the command window we write “adb reboot bootloader” without the quotes
  • Once the mobile has entered the bootloader mode, we write in the ADB window “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img” without the quotes, always depending on what the TWRP image file is called
  • Once the TWRP Recovery has been completely flashed, we can only write the “fastboot reboot” command in ADB without the quotes

The mobile will reboot, and will already have the recovery installed, which will open the doors to install new ROMs and apps in the terminal.