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Yesterday we had to get up early to know the 3 new phones in the form of Xiaomi Mi 8 , Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Y Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition that presented the Chinese brand. But in addition to this, the manufacturer also revealed the Features and the price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and the most anticipated software update by brand users: MIUI 10 .

The main news of MIUI 10 come in the form of full use of the screen on mobile phones with displays without frames like the new Xiaomi Mi 8 or the Xiaomi Mi MIX and variants. But in addition to this we find a renewed multitasking as well as the inclusion of gestures that allow to use the smartphone in a much more comfortable way, pure Android P style.

OFFICIAL list of compatible phones with MIUI 10

OFFICIAL list of compatible phones with MIUI 10

In addition to this, one of the great characteristics is the arrival of Artificial intelligence to the operating system of the brand. This allows to enjoy a new voice assistant as well as improvements in the camera, where the portrait mode of the Xiaomi phones Although they do not have a dual camera configuration, as we found in the latest devices of the company launched on the market.

All Xiaomi phones compatible with MIUI 10

Xiaomi has just announced the update schedule of the China ROM of MIUI 10 for its smartphones. According to an official publication of the MIUI forum, Xiaomi launches a closed beta version of MIUI 10 China for developers today.

Most users will have to wait for the release of the public version of the MIUI 10 beta, which will be available for the following smartphones at the end of June, according to the company.

And from the end of July, these would be the mobiles that can also download and install the beta of MIUI 1o :

Of course, the Chinese beta of MIUI 10 does not have texts in English or other features such as Google Play Store.