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Official list of compatible phones with Fortnite for Android


Everyone is waiting for the moment when Fortnite opens its registry for Android users. Technically it is not yet possible but we can already see a novelty on the web that serves to register the iOS: the list of compatible phones with Fortnite for Android.

The two great phenomena of online games, PUBG and Fortnite Copper is also being beaten in the mobile world. While PUGB is already available for Android and for iOS, another song is the Epic game that can only be enjoyed, for now, on the iPhone and iPad side.

Although you are likely to see today “The Fortnite registry for Android opens” , the truth is is not true because when choosing an Android phone, what we receive is a “come back tomorrow” in the form of a message that tells us that will alert when the game will be available for the Android operating system.

List of compatible Android phones with Fortnite

Now, what we already have is the Android mobile list what will they be compatible with Fortnite , which without further delay, we will list:

compatible mobile fortnite android

No more Android phones compatible with Fortnite?

Well the truth is that we have the doubt because the last option we can see is ” Other from Android “And that leads us to think that the game could work in other teams – given that the list is missing many brands and there are already superior models of some -. What it can be is that all these listed above are mobile tested and in which the game moves without problems, bugs or failures, something that can not be guaranteed in others.

When will Fortnite arrive for Android?

It is the big question. It is expected that the launch will take place in the coming weeks, more now that the list appears. While it is true that you can do nothing but enter with your account of the game and choose the mobile to receive the announcement that they will notify you by mail when it is available, it is already an advance and the beginning of the launch.