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Ocasio-Cortez strikes back against false nude photo

January 10, 2019 US 1 Views [Whatyouneedtostarttheday: Get New York today in your inbox .] It is important to make…

[Whatyouneedtostarttheday: Get New York today in your inbox .]

It is important to make it clear from the beginning: They were not her feet. 19659003] Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrats whose frivolous and progressive views have made her a target for conservatives, hit the right-wing Daily Daily Caller news page after presenting an article on Monday showing a photo showing was falsely described as the congressman’s naked selfie with emphasis on her feet.

There were false foot news.

Confused yet? Here’s what happened. A photo that had apparently been taken by a woman in a bathtub, showed her from the rails, had made the rounds on social media. A reflection of more of the woman’s body can be seen in the crane. This led people to describe the image as a naked self.

At the time Daily Caller had posted his article, which was briefly removed from the site before it was given another headline, the image true origin had been revealed, partly thanks to a foot fetishist, a photo gallery of celebrity women online and a woman who traded sex with former representative Anthony D. Weiner.

Although the Daily Caller title, strictly speaking, might not have been wrong, it was really misleading. The photo in question shows a woman’s bare legs and feet in a bath with superimposed text claiming it was posted on Instagram by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. It had been circulating for weeks in common places such as Twitter and parts of 4chan and Reddit that often felt like their hostility to women.

It got wider attention on Sunday after it was published on Reddit’s popular section Drama with a lively caption that encourages viewers to look at the reflection in the bathtub’s tap, where the photographer’s breasts are visible. The implication was that the photographer was Ms Ocasio-Cortez.

But a Reddit user cross-referenced the image with known images of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s feet on Wikifeet, a site for foot-fetishers and decided it didn’t match.

Some other Reddit users suggested that the image was a modified version of one belonging to Sydney Leathers, a former sixth partner of Mr. Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 following a scandal over his online behavior and before facing a similar scandal during his Mayor Mayor campaign in 2013.

MS. Leathers confirmed that the picture was originally her on Twitter, where she apologized to Ocasio-Cortez and said, “I’m sorry that insects are trying to pretend my photos are actually pictures of you. Happy to clean it up.”

Daily Caller said on Twitter on Wednesday that it regretted the error and that it “erased and fixed” the headline when editors noticed it. It also said that its article was intended to “inform our audience that a false image was being circulated online.”

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez did not buy it. In a response to Twitter on Thursday, she said the outlet had sent “hysterical, erroneous articles” about her.

On Thursday, The Daily Caller added a correction to his original story and said that the previous headline “made an erroneous implication”. The title now explains: “Anthony Weiner Mistress stands up for AOC after evil Internet Trolls Spread Fake Nude Photo.”

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