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Obama talks about his “no charges” administration at a Houston Celebration for James Baker

Former US President Barack Obama went to a Conservative High Court Tuesday, sat with famous Republicans, then took subtle Jabs…

Former US President Barack Obama went to a Conservative High Court Tuesday, sat with famous Republicans, then took subtle Jabs on the sitting president.

Just hours after the meeting of former President George H.W. Bush joined former states secretary James A. Baker III for a milestone celebration to honor Baker’s name comrades.

During a 25th anniversary celebration of the non-party Baker Institute for Public Policy thought in Houston, Obama reflected on a prosecution free eight years in the White House.

Nicely dressed in a black tuxedo and in place for an hour’s Q & A session before a gala of more than 1,000 participants, Obama promised its administration from 2009-201

7 as quite clean compared to other administrations.

“Not only was I accused, nobody in my administration was accused,” Obama said. “By the way, it was the only administration in modern history that can be said. In fact, nobody came close to being accused, probably because the people who went with us were there for the right reasons.”

Houston Chronicle reported that Jon Meacham, presidential historian who moderated the session, asked Baker of his pride moment

Baker, 88, is a Houston native serving in the US Marine Corps and working for President Richard Nixon.

Baker at the moment said Baker that he was proud of never having been charged. Baker worked as Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff and was State Secretary under Bush 41, Reagan’s successor. He served as Chief Executive Officer of George W. Bush during his run to the White House in 2000.

The accusation’s comments from Obama on Tuesday night stemmed from the latest developments in the Trump administration. Several advisors and other members of the administration have been charged as part of Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia’s alleged tampering with the presidential 2016.

The latest among them is the former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, sentenced last Friday to 14 days in prison to lie under a survey of Russian cooperation during the Trumps 2016 election campaign.

In August, Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair, found himself guilty of filing fake returns, failed to reveal his offshore bank accounts and bank fraud.

The former national security advisor Michael Flynn accused himself of blaming in December 2017 to relinquish his contacts with Russia.

In the case of crazy self, Baker was asked a question about current foreign policy, and he reflected on his time in the White House to end the decades long cold war.

“American leadership in the world is absolutely necessary. No other country can do that,” Baker said, “because we had alliances.”

Obama’s visit to Houston comes a few weeks after Trump held a rally in an unnecessary Toyota center to support senator Ted Cruz. Cruz eventually struck Democratic opponent Beto Rourke in a close half-time.

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