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NVIDIA uses GeForce RTX-driven real time Ray Tracing to prove the moon landing was real

October 22, 2018 Technology 2 Views Yes, quite the headline. But also a mad man, so be sure to let…

Yes, quite the headline. But also a mad man, so be sure to let go of your favorite Apollo era moon landing conspiracy theories in the comments. Back in 2013, NVIDIA first used its Maxwell GPU technology to recreate the Apollo 11 target spirit and show how it could not have been staged. And now with the power of the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, you get the demo back.

You can view the full presentation at the 23:00 minute mark here. That deals with details of the beam tracking process, while using an actual Apollo 1

1 image as a reference point. It is quite fascinating, even for those who may be of “it was all false man” persuasion.

At AusGamers we recently received RTX 2080 Ti, as we will send our review soon, but one thing we’ve noticed is the complete lack of actual ray-tracing demos to try. Based on the delayed rollout of Windows 10 update that enables technology, we hope NVIDIA releases some demonstrations. And the Battlefield V launches with technology enabled.

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