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Nursing staff chooses baby girl with blanket because she would not take a nap – Crime Online

A Maryland woman admitted in a Baltimore court Tuesday that she was killing an infant's death because the child would…

A Maryland woman admitted in a Baltimore court Tuesday that she was killing an infant’s death because the child would not go to sleep.

Baltimore Sun reports that during an emotional hearing at the Baltimore Circuit Court, which lasted about two hours, 24-year-old former guardian Leah Walden acknowledged that she intentionally killed 8-month Reese Bowman. The event occurred in May 2017 at Rocket Tier Learning Center where surveillance film captured the traumatic scene.

According to the court ruling, Walden returned from lunch and noticed that the child was awake. Frustrated that Reese would not sleep, Walden escaped the baby and then hung her down in a crib. When Reese started kicking her legs, Bowman shook her out of the crib, threw her down and pulled a blanket over the child’s face. Walden then held the blanket over Reeses face until she stopped moving.

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“Girl, I’m frustrated … I’m sick of this little b. I hate this little b- … She makes me want to hit her face,” Walden said, according to a colleague According to the Assistant State Attorney Anne Colt Leitess.

Leah Walden [Baltimore PD]

Walden, who appeared in court and was in prison, said she snapped and did not know how to handle the situation appropriately. She claimed she never received proper education at work.

“It was not time in my heart that I wanted this to happen,” said Walden.

Department for the education center’s childcare office, an emergency situation occurred on the Raket Tiers after Reese’s death. The day-home stays afterwards and has not been opened again.

The little girl’s family moved from Baltimore after the incident but returned to attend the hearing. held a baby book with Reese’s photo on it and kissed it during the hearing.

When prosecutors began to describe the cruel event, the father’s father went out of courtroom. He later read a statement to the victim of the judge, trembling as he peered his notes.

“I will never see my girl take her first steps, hold her, kiss her, comfort her when she’s afraid, hear her, tell her” I love you. “I’m ruined.”

Walden will spend at least 70 years of his prison sentence for life.

“I’m just reflecting on everything I heard,” Judge Althea Handy, who cried himself during the hearing said. “There are tears everywhere in this courtroom.”

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