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North Korea Touts New Ultramodern Tactical Weapon Test & # 39;

The SEOUL North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited a facility to monitor the testing of a "newly developed ultramodern…

The SEOUL North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited a facility to monitor the testing of a “newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon”, the first confirmation from the north that it has resumed testing since diplomatic engagement with the United States and South Korea this year.

The visit, reported by North Korean state media on Friday in Pyongyang, did not indicate which weapon was tested or when Kim’s visit occurred. But it is about an uncertain time in the diplomatic process, which aims at lowering tension and denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

Earlier this month, the Nordic Region broke a meeting between Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and his North Korean counterpart, Kim Yong Chol. The state department assigned it to a planning dispute.

The resumption of nuclear testing comes two weeks after the North Korea Foreign Ministry increased the possibility that Pyongyang would openly resume “building nuclear power” if the United States did not immediately lift its sanctions

Although Friday’s North Korean state media report did not reveal specific details about the new weapon , Kim’s visit was his first enlightened trip to a gun facility since he announced in April that the country’s nuclear and missile programs were complete and he completely shifted to economic development.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un hosted a friendly summit with South Korea’s president, while attempting to establish nuclear weapons negotiations with Washington. WSJ’s Jonathan Cheng explains. Photo: Pyongyang Press Corps via AP

The visit took place at the Academy of Defense Sciences, which developed the intercontinental ballistic missiles Hwasong-1

4 and Hwasong-15 as North Korea successfully tested last year.

North Korea’s Friday report said the latest weapon test was successful and praised it as a significant improvement in the military’s combat ability, and allowed the tactical weapon to originally evolve under Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il.

Analysts and North Korea’s viewers said despite the likely limited scope of the tactical weapon, development was worrying given that diplomacy stopped.

Soo Kim, a North Korean research analyst at CNA, an ideal research and analysis organization in Arlington, Va. Said that the north’s weapon test, although only tactical in nature and thus limited in the range, would undermine President Trump’s assertion that North Korea have not tested any missiles during the diplomatic process.

“A clear-eyed North Korea watcher would say it was an offense and you can no longer say they have not tested,” Kim said. She added that Mr Trump could rightly point out that the test was carried out at a plant and that Kim did not mention the US or South Korea.

Ms. Kim, a former North Korean analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, also noted that Kim credited his late father to the new weapon’s development and undermines allegations of commitment advocating that Kim Jong Un is a new type of leader who has made a clean break from his predecessor .

“The biggest thing for me was what he mentioned Kim Jong Il. This was continuity,” Kim said. “That’s something he does because it’s a rotten position in North Korea.”

Kim Yong-hyun, Professor of North Korean Studies at Dongguk University, Seoul, said that the announcement of the weapons test aimed to put in a “limited protest” in the midst of stalled negotiations with the United States while “trying to calm the North Korean military as peace talks continue and try to consolidate their native constituents “.

Kim Dong-yub, a professor of security studies in Kyungnam University of South Korea and a former South Korean naval officer, said the flight seemed aimed primarily at a resident audience and could be used in a list of military feats for the leader’s new year’s address in January .

He added that Kim Jong Un would like to enjoy his frustrated military after failing to extract some major concessions from the United States

Despite malicious North Korean signals about the future of diplomacy, senior Trump Administrator Jon officials have said in the recent days that a second summit between mr. Trump and Kim are still planning early next year.

In an interview Thursday with NBC News before North Korea’s report on the test, Vice President Mike Pence said that any summit between Mr. Trump and Kim would “get away with a plan to identify all the weapons in question, identify all development sites, allow inspections of sites and nuclear disarmament plans”.

For Korea, theoretically in the range of the new tactical weapon of the North, the test will send “an alarm to Seoul” just one day after the South Korean government detonated a guard post at the inter-Korean border in a demonstration of good faith, said Kim of CNA.

The South Korean Presidential House did not comment on Friday’s North Korean gun test.

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