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Nomad Updates Qi Compatible Base Station With Integrated Apple Watch Charger

October 31, 2018 Technology 0 Views The accessory company Nomad today launched the Apple Watch Edition Base Station, which includes…

The accessory company Nomad today launched the Apple Watch Edition Base Station, which includes a Qi charging pad for iPhone and integrated charging puck for Apple Watch. The new accessory is an upgrade from the original base station, which focused on Qi charging for iPhone and lacked Apple Watch charging support.

Base Station Apple Watch Edition contains three 7.5W charge coils under a padded leather surface, which the company says lets users choose between multiple charging directions. In the top left corner of the device there is a stand for Apple Watch that charges the smartwatch in night mode and supports both closed loop and open loopband.

Nomad says base station Apple Watch Edition can load up to three devices at the same time, probably referring to two Qi-compatible iPhones and one Apple Watch but it’s unclear how a second iPhone fits on the carpet when Apple Watch is being loaded. Nomad seems to confirm this in its FAQ about the tripod, saying that while it supports up to three devices, it’s designed to conveniently charge 1

Apple Watch and 1 phone simultaneously. “

Upload your Apple Watch and iPhone wirelessly easily. We have added three coils to provide multiple charging directions; center your phone over a coil and upload your phone wirelessly how you want. Perfect for your desk, bed and around the house.

We recently got our hands on the original Nomad base station and shared our thoughts in a review on the YouTube channel MacRumors . While the leather surface lacked a reliable grip for fall-free iPhones and finding the place of charging proved fine, we were largely impressed with Nomad’s accessories thanks to its design and additional port options on the back.

For the ports it is worth noting the updated base station Apple Watch Edition seems to have dug out the extra USB A and USB C ports on the back of the device. For those interested, the new accessory can be purchased on Nomad’s website today for 119.95 USD.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Nomad. When you click on a link and buy, we can get a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

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