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No, you can not submerge your phone in salt water

No, you can not submerge your phone in salt water

Today, if we talk about fashions between different mobile phones at the moment, we have the notch, the “all-screen” mobiles or the double cameras. However, a few years ago, water resistance was a characteristic that few possessed .

Despite the fact that numerous high-end Android terminals already integrated IP67 protection, it was with the launch of the iPhone 7 that the water resistance happened to be a quite essential specification . However, there are still some doubts about it.

The small print of IP67 protection

Indeed, now that the summer season with its beaches and pools arrives in the northern hemisphere, many of you will not hesitate to immortalize your holidays with your waterproof smartphone. Before getting into the cold water of the sea , take a look at the last video

In case you had any doubts, no, you can not bathe in salt water with your waterproof mobile phone. As we can see in the video, it is not the water in our shower or a pool, but in the salty sea, salt that after a while is embedded in the circuits of our precious Android.

If we go into detail, neither IP67 nor IP68 are classifications that ensure that our mobile can resist salt water . The syntax of these protections is simple. The first number, 6, indicates protection against dust, while the second number, 7, indicates that it resists dives of between 15 cm and 1 meter during ~ 30 minutes.

No, you can not submerge your phone in salt water

No, you can not submerge your phone in salt water

Most manufacturers report (in small print) about the dangers of submerging our phone in the water. Mobile insurance companies also do not usually cover disasters caused by dives. In fact, terminals with this type of protection are designed to withstand drops in water, not to be used in it.

Definitely, do not risk to submerge a high range in the water , or at least, do not do it in the sea (salt water) or in the pool (water treated with chemicals). If unfortunately you drop or decide to try it, do not forget to dry your terminal very well or put it in rice.

Have you ever dipped your phone in the sea? And in the pool? Any misfortune?