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No More Junk food Enjoy these Alternatives

Whether at work or when watching T.V, junk food has always been your dear friend! Through good times and hard…

Whether at work or when watching T.V, junk food has always been your dear friend! Through good times and hard times alike, and even though junk food has many types, most of them are harmful due to the high levels of fats or sugar they contain, that’s why we believe you shouldn’t risk your health for temporarily pleasure, and because everything has an alternative, here are some fun and healthy alternatives.

Potato chips

No doubt it’s music to our ears to hear the sound of a chips bag being opened, not mentioning the fun we have crunching it and enjoying the rich flavor, it’s a sure thing that we all can finish a large-size bag in one sitting, but hold on a second! You know quite well that chips increase the chance of having cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. Why not replace it with spinach rolls or oil baked (not fried) cabbage rolls, you can add some spices to give these healthy snacks a little flavor while skipping the salt.

French fries

The solution here is very simple, just chop the potatoes up and put them in the oven with coconut oil or olive oil, coconut oil will give the potatoes a tasty crisp and make it healthier, you can replace potatoes with other vegetables like sweet potato, carrot and zucchini which are all very healthy, give it a shot and thank us later!

Cheese cake

You can make a healthy cheese cake using a mix of fat-free Greek yoghurt and fat-free creamy cheese, and as for the coating, use some honey and dates to give your healthy cheese cake that sweet taste! And instead of jelly and powdered white sugar. You can decorate it with fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or nuts.


It’s easy to call a fast food restaurant and ask for all the pizza and appetizers you want to be delivered to your place, but getting a healthy pizza isn’t that difficult also, but it might take some time, all you have to do is use a frozen full wheat pizza dough to increase the fibers in this homemade pizza and use low-fat mozzarella to reduce saturated fats, add vegetables to get antioxidants while you can increase the protein by adding chicken slices.


Sweets are tasty and delicious, but they contain a lot of sugar, which is bad for your body and teeth, so it’s really necessary to consider alternatives; the best alternatives are frozen fruits which contains a lot of natural sugar, all you have to do is put some grapes or melon slices on sticks and leave them in the fridge, if you want to go the extra mile you can dip the grapes in Greek yoghurt and then dip them in sesame, crushed pistachios or crushed coconuts and then leave them in the fridge. You can also replace the sweets with a variety of nuts (un-salted) like pistachios, peanuts and almonds combined with dried fruits like raisins and dark chocolate, all of which rich in sugar and high quality healthy fats.


Milkshake is usually made with whole milk, ice cream, and maybe some syrup, and they’re all unhealthy for you, so replace it with avocado smoothie, avocados are known to be good for the heart while enhancing weight loss, add to that, avocados are tasty and refreshing.

Ice cream

Ice cream is our favorite treat in the summer, right? After all it’s tasty, refreshing, and it has a variety of favors and forms, but we all know that a lot of these are unhealthy, as they contain whole milk, sugar and flavorings, that’s why you can make a healthy ice cream in your house easily and quickly, all you have to do is put frozen banana slices in the blender and add some water (depending on how thick do you want the ice cream to be), you can add other fruits like strawberries, blueberries and cherries. Nuts and dried fruits are also an option which will make your ice cream tastier and crunchier. There is another way to make ice cream that doesn’t need a blender, just cut a banana in half and put a stick in each half then freeze for an hour and dip in melted chocolate and then in nuts, then put the halves back in the fridge for at least half an hour.


The next time you feel down, don’t buy a big box of chocolate and finish it in one sitting, for despite that chocolate gives you a good feeling and makes you more calm, it’s bad for your body, all you have to do is eat dark chocolate (which contains at least 70% cacao), and if you don’t like dark chocolate due to its bitter taste, you can alter it to suit your taste, for example you can melt it and add fat-free milk and use the egg beater to mix it up and add honey to get the sweet taste, you can also put the mixture in a tray and add some raisins and nuts, then freeze it!.

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