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“No comment” from Urban Meyer On Future will not stop questions

Ever since Urban Meyer's paid administrative leave was returned in August, there were some who speculated that this would be…

Ever since Urban Meyer’s paid administrative leave was returned in August, there were some who speculated that this would be his last season at the Ohio State.

They saw the university’s lack of support for Meyer as a significant blow to the relationship between the coach and the school. Meyer has denied any kind of schism when he was asked this year and stated that his love for Ohio State is stronger than ever.

A few months ago, a payroll website reported that Ohio State and Ryan Day had agreed to make Day OSU: coach-in-waiting. Shortly thereafter, almost all those mentioned in the report denied any such agreement.

Since then, speculation about Meyer’s future has arisen, but for many different reasons than was widespread this summer.

Health problems have been added to the equation, and mathematics is not insignificant. Meyer has been affected on the field and because of severe headache this year. Even before the headache was revealed, people read into every Meyer manicure they could find.

Most of the time, they read too far into things, for truth is told, Meyer has been animated laterally for years.

One month ago, however, more paywall speculation about Meyer’s future came out, including the same committees on health issues. Meyer responded to that speculation at no uncertain terms.

“I’m planning to coach,” he said.

He was then asked if he would certainly be back next year. His answer


However, rumors have persisted, which led to even more questions about it on Monday.

Meyer’s Answer

“I’m planning a coach.”

It was not the most detailed or emphatic answer, but it was still an answer. Meyer then attached his standard response deflection technique at the end by continuing seamlessly to answer an undamaged question about Northwest Special Law.

Meyer has made it essential since he arrived in Ohio State. When asked a question he does not want to answer, he instead answers a question that he should answer rather . He laughs, journalists laugh, it’s an understood method to continue.

The real question then becomes that he felt the need to reject a question that he just answered.

Then, the report came Friday from that Meyer has told OSU AD Gene Smith that he is not planning to train next season and that OSU and Ryan Day once again feel the coach waiting.

Smith debunked the report saying that no deal was in place with either coach. Meyer could also have debunked the report, but when asked about it in Indianapolis on Friday, he issued a subdued “No Comment.”

As we all know, when it comes to people seeking answers, “No comment” can be seen almost as a debt. Debt in this case would simply be that Meyer knows what his future holds and just does not want to talk about it one day before the Big Ten Championship Game.

It is perfectly understandable for Meyer to want his team focused on the task at hand and not worry about his future, but if there were no plans to leave Ohio State in the short term, he could simply say that.

If he is planning when he leaves soon and does not want to disturb his mind’s mindset, then the only answer he could give in that situation is the exact answer he offered &#821

1; “No Comments.”

Urban Meyer’s only wish right now is to keep his team focused on the Mission Directive – which strikes the Northwest wild cats and winning title Big Ten.

Nothing in Meyer’s statement from a month ago contradicts anything in the Friday report, which could give rise to believing in an increasing belief in programs. Hate Meyer’s future is certainly questioned.

Now it’s not time to deal with such things. Not one day before the year’s second largest match.

Right now, Meyer’s team is enough that speculation about his future should not be a distraction.

Following this game, but a “no” comment will not suffice.

Players will be asked, coaches will be asked, Meyer will continue to be asked until a response is given that is definitely enough to complete the questions once and for all.

Or at least to another report of a reputation, that is to say.

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