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Nipah virus: Simple chicks to control the spread of this fatal infection

November 25, 2018 Health 0 Views A new study has shown that outbreaks of Nipahvirus in Kozhikode district in May…

A new study has shown that outbreaks of Nipahvirus in Kozhikode district in May to June this year were not only due to the reduction of infection from fruit infected with fruitflies but also due to the transmission of infection in three hospitals in Kozhikode district. To prevent further spread of infection, doctors have proposed several ways to prevent the spread of the Nipah virus. Here are some dietary supplements and all you need to do to avoid being infected.

Wash the fruits carefully: Only washing is not enough. Doctors suggest that you prolong the fruits in water for a long time before eating them. The bacteria and virus can be washed off this path from the fruit surface.

Do not buy fruits that are bitten or scratched: This is what you need to check before buying fruit. It is always better to buy hand-picked fruits instead of packed.

Throwing Fruithead: If there are thick skined fruits like watermelons and muscels, make sure you discard your skin and eat only the inner part. [1

9659002] Hygiene practices can help: Wash the vegetables carefully when you eat. Do not miss to wash your hands before eating. Cover when coughing or sneezing because this virus spreads most through respiratory deprivation. Do not share food and bed with the infected person.

Check the surface of fruits: Specifically for fruits like chicken, banana and mango, make sure you carefully check their surface before consuming them.

Government should be well-equipped: Health experts believe the government should be well prepared to face the situation if there is another Nipah virus outbreak in the country. A regular food safety plan is a great way to monitor the fruits and vegetables sold across the country or state. Samples of pure fruits should be checked in the laboratory. It is also important to find out if water does not matter in the spread of this virus. If found, measures should be taken on the civilian body to prevent it.

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