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Nintendo’s Miitomo comes to an end: chronicle of a death announced


It is not something that has caught anyone by surprise, but still, today there will be more than one Nintendo fan who escapes the occasional tear. So is, Miitomo , the first Nintendo game for smartphones is coming to an end today, something that had already been announced a few months ago, but that more than one expected that it would not end up becoming a reality. DEP Miitomo.

When Nintendo Miitomo reached the market there was by March 2016, the reception was more than good. The possibilities offered by the power to have an avatar that moved through a large virtual world and to take anywhere in our pocket, seemed to win more than 15 million users, but what a priori seemed a resounding success, ended by be something effervescent that would soon begin to fall.

Miitomo did not live up to expectations

Since yesterday May 9 at 12:00 In the morning, the once popular Nintendo smartphone game has ceased to exist. The reasons given by the company are not too concrete, although the truth is that there is not much explanation to give.

Miitomo generated a stir in its first months of life, but the game turned out to be quite limited in terms of its possibilities and little by little its community of users began to shrink to a rather unsustainable point.

Nintendo's Miitomo comes to an end: chronicle of a death announced

Definitely, the game was no longer profitable and the people of Nintendo believe that it is better to dedicate resources to larger and more innovative projects, including new games for smartphones. The announcement was made last January, so its users have had more than 4 months to save the data they wanted to keep.

And what will happen now with all my information?

Miitomo by Nintendo comes to an end, and from now on it is no longer possible download the application in any of the official Android or iOS stores and likewise, the servers have already been disconnected, so that users who had it installed, can no longer enjoy it.

However , questions arise, like the ones related to the reimbursements, that the people of Nintendo have been in charge of clarifying saying that there will be no monetary refund, since there has been a more than acceptable period to spend any game ticket or Miitomo coins. In January, the ability to buy new Miitono coins was eliminated in anticipation of the foregoing, so Nintendo is not responsible for the careless users.

Nintendo's Miitomo comes to an end: chronicle of a death announced

Nintendo's Miitomo comes to an end: chronicle of a death announced

Nintendo has also announced that or there will be no official procedure for save our information of the game beyond the screenshots, although it did give the possibility to transfer our Mii character to a Nintendo account, as long as it was done before May 9.

Anyway, from here we give our sympathy to the user community and although Miitomo Nintendo comes to an end, we are sure this company will not take long to give them new joys that make them forget their loss today. And is that if there is something that is great to Nintendo, is to reinvent itself.