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Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime On Nintendo Switch's Classic Game Selection

While there have been some mixed opinions for some regarding online performance, Nintendo's Switch Online service has been doing quite…

While there have been some mixed opinions for some regarding online performance, Nintendo’s Switch Online service has been doing quite well thus far. And the variety of NES games available on demand have been pretty cool as well, especially with Metroid Mighty Bomb Jack and Twinbee which just debuted yesterday. 19659004] Nintendo Switch “title =” Nintendo Switch “height =” 333 “width =” 665 “class =” 40 “data-item =” 1144460 “/>

Could we possibly see other platforms come to Nintendo Switch Online? Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, recently addressed the matter while talking with Kotaku.

He reiterated the convenience of the service, saying, “If we look to the future, our subscription service, NSO, Nintendo Switch Online is going to be the place where you can play our classic content … “

And then he got the big question.” Beyond NES? “the interviewer asked. did not confirm anything, Fils-Aime did note, “We’ll see what comes next.” As you have already pointed out, w E have not even made the full library of NES games available yet. Dus deze inhoud moet optimaal zijn voor de Switch environment. That’s something we’re working very hard to do. Like you, I look forward to playing Metroid through the Nintendo Switch Online service and we’ll continue to release content that way. “

It sounds like Nintendo has big plans with Nintendo Switch Online, eventually Reynsla að endurskapa sitt NES bókasafn fyrir leikmenn til að velja og velja úr. Obviously some favorites will be missing &#821

1; we probably will not see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games due to licensing issues – but there are a lot of possibilities there.

But we would love to see the service expand in 2019, especially with the much-rumored Nintendo GameCube games. Seeing these available on-demand would definitely bring in more players, especially favorites like F-Zero GX and Mario Kart: Double Dash !! among others. And you can not go wrong with a little Super Smash Bros. Melee .

But, for the time being, Nintendo is going slow with its expansion of Switch Online; and we’ll see more NES games make their way to it in December, including Tecmo’s legendary Ninja Gaiden .

Nintendo Switch Online is available now for $ 3.99 a month or $ 19.99 for a full year.

(Hat tip to Kotaku for the scoop!)

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