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Nintendo Wii gets rid of its streaming services

November 11, 2018 Technology 1 Views While Nintendo Switch continues to build an impressive computer game library and begins to…

While Nintendo Switch continues to build an impressive computer game library and begins to slowly trick itself into non-gaming apps for its available software, the previous generation of Nintendo devices slowly begins to lose access to their streaming services, as Nintendo Will routinely get rid of Wii apps.

TechRadar reports that Nintendo shifts support for streaming apps on Wii. This comes with Netflix to send a letter to Wii users who inform them that the app will no longer be available on Wii as of January 31

, 2019.

Netflix is ​​not the only one who leaves Wii’s app list. Other apps also leave the platform, including Hulu, Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime.

These services on Wii will only affect the Wii. Wii U will probably not be affected by these changes. So if you still have apps installed on your device, you can still use them without any problems.

All streaming apps removed from Wii coincide with Nintendo also closes the Wii Shop Channel in early 2019. So all online apps and services will be turned off anyway.

It’s not all bad news, if you’re a Nintendo fan. If you’ve already switched to Switch, you’re in good hands when it comes to some of the video streaming apps. There is Hulu, launched for Switchback in 2017 and was one of the first non-gaming apps that Nintendo has allowed on Switch. Recently, Nintendo managed to let the YouTube app go live on Switch, which you can download right now for free.

With Hulu and YouTube on the Switch, rumors are now beginning to spread, that Netflix can soon find its way on the switch too. Since last year, a number of people have asked about the streaming application shown on the Nintendo hybrid console. But there was a lot of deflection when the subject came up, mostly because Nintendo would at that time focus on first-party software and hear third-party studios. Efforts have been made for the most part, with companies like Epic Games bringing over Fortnite and Psyonix who transfer Rocket League both of which support cross-play compatibility.

So while Wii Services begin to sink, Switch services are starting to grow and expand. Netflix has not yet fully confirmed any release of Switch but we are sure that streaming service – together with Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and all other major streaming apps – will cease to function after January 2019 on the original Wii.

It was not a bad run for the system, since it came out well back in 2006 and has been supported by those services over the past 12 years. The game consoles are usually supported at most for perhaps a decade, with the longest generation being the seventh, which was extended from 2005 to 2013.

With Wii prepping to finally retrieve all their services, do not be surprised at the Wii You will receive the same app support announcements that arrive in a near future in the near future.

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