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Nintendo celebrates the first anniversary of the Super Mario Odyssey

October 27, 2018 Technology 0 Views Can you believe it? Super Mario Odyssey is a year old already, as it…

Can you believe it? Super Mario Odyssey is a year old already, as it is now October 27th in Japan. It seems it was only yesterday we were eagerly anticipating the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch. At the same time, it also feels like a lifetime since we have played many other games since.

As a celebration of the great occasion, Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account has released some special artwork (see above) and an instrumental dance version of Jump Up, Super Star:

In Britain, the official Super Mario Twitter account is launching a snapshot competition to celebrate a year’s anniversary. The competition is open until October 30th, with the winners announced on November 12th. Here’s a little about it:

The theme of this round celebrates a year’s anniversary of the Super Mario Odyssey – it’s “Your Favorite Captures”. Then find the things you love to catch most and remove! Get as creative as you like!

Upload your best photos to Twitter or Instagram before the end, including #OdysseyJournal and #SuperMarioOdyssey hashtags

After closing date, we select our three favorites and present them on the official Nintendo website and our Facebook and Twitter pages!

If you missed it, Nintendo gave new snapshot filters and a new zombie outfit to Super Mario Odyssey last week to celebrate the spooky season. Outfit brings you back 5,000 coins and the headline costs 3,000 coins.

Still playing Super Mario Odyssey a year later? What do you think about it now compared to when the game was launched? Tell us in the comments.

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